New arrest in Natalee Holloway case

Updated November 2007 – This is an older entry, for the latest updates in the Natalie Holloway Case you will want to read my archives on Natalee Holloway with the latest information on the three young men who have been arrested once again. Please leave a comment and let me know you’ve visited.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (CNN) — Authorities probing the disappearance of missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway arrested the DJ of a popular party boat Friday morning and searched his home. – New arrest in Aruba missing teen case – Jun 17, 2005

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  1. I have been following the story of Natalie from the beginning…..i saw the bracelets her mom was giving out can we get them here in the united states? I think it would be a good idea to wear them for her as i keep praying that there will be a good outcome from this. My thoughts and prayers go out to her mom and family. Carol

  2. Dear Natalee’s Mom~ My family and I have been following the case from the beginning, i want to start off by saying we are praying for you every single day and hope to see a good outcome. My parents want to give you a check to cover some of the fees for the lawyer. You are a very strong couragous women and we hope that only good comes from this nightmare. Good luck to you and don’t give up hope.
    Liana Cossuto

  3. I have been following the case of Natalie since it first aired, and my sympathy and best wishes goes out to Natalie & her family. My prayers are with them in this troubled time.
    I do wish however to make a few comments which the US media is taking to extravagant proportions. Firstly to boycott the entire Caribbean for one incident is blatantly hypocritical & arrogant. Crime is prevalent every where whether its small Islands around the world or third world countries. Please remember the Caribbean is made of many islands most independent while others still rely on parent countries for support, and tourism plays a vital role to the economies of these islands. Calling a total ban on the entire Caribbean is definitely not a satisfactory solution. Please remember that the United States has a very strong influence in the Caribbean & having to oversee the Virgin Islands, which is so crime riddles, compared to its neighbor the British Virgin Islands which is as described and having been to both destinations the later being a “True Virgin”.
    In conclusion I think the best step forward for Aruba is to seek to the help of an international law enforcement agency (FBI) to assist as to smooth this heinous proceedings and give justice where it is deserved

  4. I think it’s very important that we keep Natalee and her family in our prayers. We all have heard that the longer an investigation goes on, the greater the chances are that the victim will not be found alive. My prayer is that Natalee will be found alive and well. Being the mother of a 22 year old daughter, I can only imagine the pain and worry she is going through right now. I am quite sure that every parent who has been keeping up with the story has Natalee’s family in their prayers. This is a parent’s worse nightmare. I do have questions about the chaperones that escorted these 124 students to Aruba. They should have known where the students were at all times. Natalee had no business being in a bar or restaurant at that time of night by herself. I blame this situation on the chaperones. Maybe next year, they need to consider finding better chaperones or either cancelling the trip altogether.

  5. I have a lot of sympathy for you but at the same time I have a missing sister whom disappeared five years ago and presummed murdered by her ex-husband. A lot of evidence in the case but no body and no car. People are afraid to ask too many questions because of the ramifications.
    I believe that these young kids have been threatened with their lives if they told the truth. Everyone knows who they are, where they live, and who their families are. Would you be willing to let these people die for the truth about your daughter? I have two kids and I know that I would never confront my ex-brother-in-law knowing who he is and what he has done in fear of him finding my family. He will get his justice one day from the Lord and we will get out closure.
    I don’t mean to seem hard. But please consider all.
    Praying for you in Atlanta.

  6. Dear Halloway Family- I just want to start off by letting you know that ever since i heard of the dissapearance of Natalie i have kept you all in my prayers and i will continue to until this nightmare is over. I want you guys to know that god is always with you and that he will continue to be there and to loose hope and faith is to loose him. I pray that whatever needs to be done to end this happens and that you all continue to be strong in these hard times. I know this sounds meaningless because you may be thinking well you’ve never had to go through this and your right i pray that i never have to go through it & i know that my words wont heal or mend the scars that are there right now but i want you all to know that whatever may happen that god is almighty and has the power to do anything… So just keep the faith and finish this race for life and justice together, stay united and all will suceed…. my prayers go out to you all!!! God Bless you and may the peace of the lord be with you now and always!!!!!

  7. I pray for Natalie & all fanilies involved in this tragedy. Why not try a psyhic, like Silva Brown ? She helps police all the time.

  8. Dear Holloway Family,
    I’d like to start off by saying that I’m truly sorry for all that you have been put through. My youth group and I have been praying for Natalie’s safety and your family since the case started. The power of prayer can do amazing things and we are praying for a miracle. For encouragement read Psalm 34. God bless you and i will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love Always,
    Logan Tallent

  9. I have been praying for Natalie since her diappearance. As a mother of 23 and 27 year old daughters I can only guess what you are feeling. I pray that the Aruban government will allow our government to get involved. It seems as if alot of time has gone by and the government is moving at a very slow pace, unlike the USA. We hope she will be found safe and sound.

  10. To the parents and family of Natalie Holloway- God bless you and keep you in this troubled time. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. I have put your family on our prayer list at church- We pray that Natalie turns up alive and as time passes hope remains strong.Those boys need to start talking and stop stalling. Miracles happen everyday.We are praying for you. Sincerely, Jim and Charlene.

  11. The whole world prays for you Natalie and your family. Please don’t give up. Keep praying and praying for a safe return home and strength for the family, friends and rescuers who are still searching for Natalie.
    God Bless You All
    Carol – KC


  13. I just want to tell Natalie and her family that they are in my prayers and I hope that the outcome of this is a good one. God Bless!

  14. Dear Holloways:
    I listen to the news each day in hopes that your dear one is found. In my heart of hearts I believe her to be alive. To Logan and your youth group…don’t stop praying Psalm 34…as a matter of fact I too will pray the Psalm for Natalee. Praying the Scriptures is a powerful thing…Isaiah 55:11 tells us that God’s word does not return to Him empty but accomplishes what he desires and achieves the purpose for which he sent it.
    Don’t lose faith just because too much time has elapsed. This is when we should pray the most. May all christians who read this be inspired to pray Psalm 34 for Natalee.
    Marlene C. July 4, 2005

  15. In the beginning there were the 2 security officers that were being questioned. Some pictures were of them somewhere near the hotel where she was staying, although I dont remember seeing this, my boyfriend said in the background of some pictures, he saw someone pouring cement near the hotel. Has anyone checked this out. I hope for Natalie and her family that she is found safe but as each day goes on, I hope she can soon be brought home.

  16. In the beginning there were the 2 security officers that were being questioned. Some pictures were of them somewhere near the hotel where she was staying, although I dont remember seeing this, my boyfriend said in the background of some pictures, he saw someone pouring cement near the hotel. Has anyone checked this out. I hope for Natalie and her family that she is found safe but as each day goes on, I hope she can soon be brought home.

  17. Dear Holloway family,
    I hope the best for you and all who are involved. She has to be somewere and I hope to God she is found. I will say a prayer for her tonight. I’m shure god will put all those responsible in there place. Don’t lose hope.

  18. It hit home for me. I have a daugher 18 that will be starting college in the fall. I am devastated by this case. I have been watching from day one and everyday hoping for the best. i agree with Natalie’s mother, I want more information. I was floored when they let these three boys out for two weeks after being held. i would never let them out. I would want the good old USA to interveiw these boys. we would of had a lot more answers the first few days. I hope we hear good news in this case. At this point there is a feeling of helplessness and loss. The family are in my prayers. And I pray that we find Natalie alive.

  19. The Lord knows those boys are quilty and so does the dad, God will show the truth to the parents to what happen to natalee, It,s all in Gods timing! It will be for God,s glory only that all may know that he alone is God and is able to anything!

  20. To Natalee Holloway’s family: I have been watching the news more than I ever have since the dissapearance of Natalee. Every morning and at night I check to see if there is anymore details on the search. There are so many people praying and hoping for good things to turn out for this girl, so I hope all of our prayers will be answered. My prayers are with Natalee and her family. Be safe out there Natalee!!

  21. I simply wanted to say that Natalee, her family, her friends and all that know her are in our prayers. Those who are searching for her must continue, but we must also lay some trust in God, in hope that he mat bring her home soon and safe and put all those who are responsible in their place. In my heart i hope that she is still alive, and safe. i hope to see in the news that she is found very soon. And most importantly to those who knew her, have heard the story or are searching for her..DONT LOSE HOPE! It really is amazing what hope and prayer can do….

  22. Dear Beth Never Stop Looking For your beautifulDaughter NatalieYou are in my prayers every nightand dayI watch Larry King Live just to see if there is anythingnew about Natalie if nothing is on ilaydown say a prayerfor natalie and her familynever never give up I know i will not stop praying until she is found God Bless You

  23. I’ve been trying to find a phone number to call you because I had a psychic communication and vision from Natalie when she was with the boys that night.
    I’ve tried phoning lot’s of telephone numbers for Beth, Dave and Paul and, so far, none have been the relatives.
    If you can send me a phone number, I will call you.
    I’m very sad about the situation regarding Natalie and wish that a break happens soon.
    Best Regards

  24. dear beth and jud, hi, my name is diane i live in holiday florida, i have been watching the news everyday, hoping it will say natalee found, i have been praying for her safe return, i cant believe those brothers have not been rearrested, i feel that this is a huge coverup in aruba, i feel that they took natalees body off the island so there would be no evidence at all, they all are guilty as heck, beth, i would of done the same thing u did going to that cafe and seeing depake, but i would not have been so calm, but i know u had to be calm.he looks giulty as hell, he keeps his head down if that isnt guilt i dont know what is, hang in there, and god bless you all, sincerly diane from holiday florida.

  25. dear beth and judd,and nats dad also,just want you to know that i been following this case since day one my heart breaks for you all i cant imagine wat your going through,but trust me i feel your pain and your hurt,i know this sounds crazy but i feel so close to you all like i’ve known you for years.i watch everynight at 10:00 on the record with greta do stay up to heart and prayers are with you all and i’m so proud of how you all are sticking together and not giving up you are the ones keeping this case going with out you all there wouldnt be a case..and for you beth i dont think or believe you should have made a live apology to aruba,if any one needs to apologize live is aruba to you and your family if it was possible i would be there and helping search for natalee..but just just know my thoughts and prayers are with you daily love you all,,,,,and is there any way possible for us to get bracelets to where for her to?


  27. I have been following this case on every channel that covers it since the beginning. Don’t give up! Keep the heat on everyone in Aruba who is involved in this investigation. Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers are all dirty as can be. Everyone who has been following this case knows that those three young men know what happened to Natalie and they know where she is. Joran’s father is not squeeky clean either. My prayers are with you and may God continue to bless you and give you strength.

  28. How our lives change day to day– to the family of natalie may He walk with you in this hour of need. If indeed the kid Joran is a chip off the old block his so called judge wannabe dad has not an ounce of backbone. The government there is in need of change if the dad is an example of their leaders lord help them. I would never visit Aruba knowing what the world knows now about the dark shady island–

  29. Just wanted to ask about the question Mrs. Holloway stated when she talked to Deepok and she was telling him about the reward money and he said he did not need any money. Everyone needs money, why does he not need money , maybe someone is seeing that he has great amounts so he will not talk. Sounds good to me. Someone needs to look into why he does not need money, he is working. thanks

  30. i have been fowlling this case i think the father should been held in custdy..i also think that are goverment should be involed,i also think that nat is some were on thaT INLAND ITS CRAZY HOW THEY Have been with this case…from the start i think the hole thing is a cover up….why else would sloot have 9 lawers…myt preys to your family


  32. I am so sorry about your daughter. My prayers are with you and your family. I am very upset that they would let these boys go when they obviously are a party to her being missing. Don’t give up hope. All things are possible to those who believe.

  33. I am really sorry about what happened to your daughter! I hope you get the bastards that did this to her! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  34. Our prayers are with your family. Have you given any thought to using a psycic as a last resort? It has worked many times in other investigations. Please give this some thought. Thinking of Natalie, Sincerely

  35. I have been following this story since it broke. I too am a parent and can only imagine the agony, the dreams that haunt you. However, I plead to you to really listen and write your dreams down. Dreams are powerful and they do tell people so very much. If you have watched the 6th sense, you will know that if someone has passed and God forbid this has happened, but if so, they will make their presence known and they will lead you to where you need to go. The key is to breathe deep and let yourself be pulled in a direction where you end at or about a final area where you feel as though you have a very strong deja vu feeling. Trust me on this. I uncovered truth that had been hidden for 50 years with a bit of faith in my ability. I would definitely look into psychics, if you are unable to remain calm. Trust me. The truth will reveal itself-there are no secrets.

  36. I have been wanting to email the family of Natalie.
    Does anyone know a direct email to her mother.
    My daughter of 25 yrs was brutaly murdered 2 years ago My heart aches so bad for her and the family not knowing where there daughter is.
    You can’t give up justice was finally served for my daughter that was one promise I made to her before I left her for the last time at the funeral.
    if anyone knows how I can email her. please let me know email me at
    please keep all these familes in prayer. Is it so painful for a mother to loose a child.

  37. natalie’s family, i find it strange that if in passing, she has not been recovered. There is this nagging feeling that the Dutch government and the Arubian authorities are hiding something. When she is found, it will blow the lid off.Our prayers are with you.

  38. I have seen Natalie Holloway’s case on the news. I feel very, very sorry for her family. I just lost my boyfriend a month ago, he was only 18. Just be thankful you still have hope. I will pray for her to come home safe.

  39. My love and concern for Beth and Dave and their families. My prayers are for you and your precious daughter. My only satisfaction is that the news media keeps on bringing us any news of Natalie and keep pushing to find the truth. You need justice and closure.
    My love,

  40. This is a terrible issue. My best wishes go out the the Holloway family. Im 20 years old and I couldnt imaging how her family is dealing with this. If this was a case in the United States, the investigation would be so much stronger. I prey for justice for Natalie and her family. Its terrible what the Aruban Govt. Is doing to these people.
    Feel free to email me.
    And keep me updated.

  41. First of all my prayers go to the mother and father of Natalie. I have watched this case from the beginning and i know in my heart that the government is coveing up for those 3 troubled young men that were involved. They did something to her and they know where she could be found. I believe in God, and they will pay for what they have done. I read a comment above blaming the
    chaperones and really they are somewhat responsible but, to blame everyone else except for the 3 troubled involved isn’t fair. It was the 3 troubled that made this happen. My prayers go out to ALL of the parents that have a lost a child, God is there thru the hard times, just lean on him and he will give you peace and closure. God Bless…

  42. natilee was my romodel i hred often about her in magizinze and you are doing great finding her i love you natalee

  43. to holloway family it’s a shame the cover up in the dissaperance of your daughter..Don’t give up hound the heck out of officials…God bless you Beth you are a strong woman…

  44. to holloway family it’s a shame the cover up in the dissaperance of your daughter..Don’t give up hound the heck out of officials…God bless you Beth you are a strong woman…


  46. To The Family,
    I pray for all of you during this time. I hope Natalie can be brought home safely to her family..”GOD BLESS YOU”

  47. To The Family,
    I have been watching the case since Natalie First Disapeared.. My Heart Goes out To You all . Being A father of A 2 & 4 year old I can imagine what you are all going through..Be Strong Dont Ever Give Up Hope … Again You Are All In My Prayers…

  48. You might be surprise. But I’m writing from Africa, East Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I’ve been following up the news of the Dissappearance of Natalie Hollaway, it pains me to see that she is not found until now. Hey God What might have happen to this girl. As I’m a mother like yourself Natalie’s Mother. Please don’t give up, Natalie is safe somewhere, but I also plead if Natalie is somewhere please come home. Come home to your mother & your family.
    Yours Mrs Saada Mandawa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  49. please do not let that ray of hope, that light of hope flicker. Stay strong and believe, believe that you have to stay strong and hope within your heart that you will see her again. Do not give up hope. Never give up hope.

  50. 3/23/06
    I live in Alabama also, & have children around your daughters age. I (we) have hurt, cried, prayed, & been amazed at your continued strength. After hearing the report on the Aruban police departments comment,”She probably overdosed on drugs or alcohol.” There is no doubt about the incompetence & total lack of interest or compassion. Its as if you are a bother to them. Their attitude clearly is – Why dont they go away & stop bothering us? They are concerned about tourism & you are hurting their business. I cant stand by silently any longer. I offer my service to you along with this suggestion: Lets go get Verderscum or 1 of the other 2, bring them back & do a REAL interrogation. I dont have a plane , but surely someone does who is willing to help. I see now that if you are to have answers,you wont get them from the Aruban police. We must do it ourselves. I will supply my own gear & experience. May God allow you peace soon. Miracles happen everyday – I just heard a woman(now) was found today after being reported missing TEN years ago. Lets do it. I am willing. God bless you,
    J. E. Moseley

  51. to natilie holloway’s mother beth holloway : i just think that beth holloway is so stupid & nieve mother, sitting there on america’s most wanted on 03/25/2006, telling the viewers, oh i know my daughter,and, i know she would’nt be messing with drugs and would’nt get into a car with three guys that she don’t know,well beth holloway, the way i see it, your a moron,when a child is dabbling & messing with drugs there not going to tell there mother & father this you dumb ass,and, if there not telling you that, there sure as not going to tell that they would ever jump into a car with three guys that she don’t know, i can honestly say this from my personal expieriance with my own children when they were that same age as natilie,and, not only from that expieriance,but, from my own expieriance when i was younger and being at that age, i can’t believe that there’s really stupid people out there in the world as stupid as you beth holloway, you need to pull your head out your ass and wise up.

  52. I have been folowing the story and I am praying for you Natalie H. We share the same name so I feel we have some sort of connection.
    Love, Natalie Pinkins

  53. My prayers & Heart go out to you Beth Holloway,my wife & i have a picture of Natalie on our desk top, everytime we turn on our computer her face shows up, we pray every day that ( GOD ) will return her to you, i cant even fathom what your going thru, we have a daughter that is 25yrs. old & a 4 yr. grandaughter & we love them dearly!!!!!, remember Beth,the most inportant thing is to keep your faith in god, never give up on him, he will help you thru this,my wife & i will never give up praying for Natalie’s safe return, we love you & will keep Natalie & your family in our prayers./ if any one heres any new news please e-mail me at (

  54. To Beth and family of Natlie. I am so sorry you have to go through this. No parent should lose a child, let alone not know where one is at. I lost my 18 yr. old son in an automobile accident in 1998. Very tough.All I can say to you is you do get through it although your life is never ever the same. A piece is gone forever but you know God knows why and we are only looking at a piece of the puzzle and God has the whole puzzle. One day we will understand why. Just look up to God for your peace and he will give that to you over and beyond. He knows we hurt and he will help you just as he did for me. I hope they can solve this case soon so you may rest and put some closer on it. My heart and prayers go out to you. Stay strong and keep your faith. God is love. One day you will see her again in Heaven. Won’t that be a wonderful day? That’s what we have to look forward to. Trust in God. He will give you peace. Love and prayers,

  55. Hi Beth, Please seek a good Christian Pastor/Councelor to get you through this. This needs to be turned over to the Lord. When you take your hands off the case and give it to God totallly it will be solved…please LET GO…..this is killing you and The Lord wants to carry this burden for you…BECAUSE it is too MUCH for any human being to bear.

  56. Hi Beth, Please seek a good Christian Pastor/Councelor to get you through this. This needs to be turned over to the Lord. When you take your hands off the case and give it to God totallly it will be solved…please LET GO…..this is killing you and The Lord wants to carry this burden for you…BECAUSE it is too MUCH for any human being to bear.

  57. I just want to say that i am very sorry for all that Natalie’s family is going through right now. Recent news is that Geoffrey is a new suspect/witness in the case which scares me because for a few years my family has been going to aruba and i knew him and hung around with him alot. And i don’t know what i would do if this ever happened to my family. My love goes out to Natalie’s family and i hope that they find Natalie. I pray for you guys every night. I hope there will be a break in the case.

  58. my son has been missing sense dec, 2004 we are a very close faimly. my newphew called and said my son was not coming home ever healwats calls someone in the family .noone had heard a word from him .even the law said they believe someone has done something to him.we live in a small town .where the law is in on the drug life .this is not wishful thing i know something happen to him please help

  59. Natalie’s Family,
    I constantly follow your story and have Prayed for strength and return of your precious child many times. Don’t listen to people who tell you to give up and, I know you won’t. They just don’t understand. Just keep praying for a miracle. We will celerbrate a special anniversary soon and had thought of going to Aruba for it years ago. Not now thank you. I wouldn’t spend a cent in Aruba unless it was to help you.
    God Bless and, keep you always and our prayers won’t stop.

  60. iam 17 and i know natlie is not that much older then me i cant imangine what she went though that night the only person that will ever know is natlie its sad to think that thats why girls my age need to be more cautions it can happen to any teen iam praying one day they will find her

  61. Dear Beth Holloway,
    You have been amazing in your unyielding search and persistent questioning. You were poised when your heart was breaking, and you spirit and character were obvious. It’s hard to find a silver lining when such a beautiful girl is missing. Maybe the lesson for all of us that have children is to never never take anything for granted. I have a 14 year old , and this tragedy has taught me to hug him more than before, to love him fiercly. Life is fragile. We all face iminent death at some point. And if Natalie has left us, she is in a far better place than earth.I have faith in this and I wish you and your family peace. You deserve so much and we have learned from you.sheri

  62. We have been following your story also for the whole duration. Mrs. Holloway you are strong and I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  63. never give up…..i watch fox news every night…..keep on until you find out what happend to your daughter…………..i see your pain i feel your pain…….us knows that jordan is the one…………god bless u and keep u at peace.NO MOTHER SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHAT U HAVE GONE THROUGH………..BEEN WATCHING IT FROM THE BEGGINING AND IT TEARS MY HEART OUT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH………..PLEASE DON’T STOP GOD IS GIVING YOU THE STRENGH AND HOPE FOR OTHER PARENTS THAT HAVE LOST THERE CHILD…..I LOVE HER WHO COULD NOT…I FEEL YOUR PAIN AS A PARENT…..GOD BLESS YOU… i won’t give up love and peace

  64. i hope you find her some day my prayers are with you if you would ever like writing im sending you my email address ok good luck

  65. i hope you find her some day my prayers are with you if you would ever like writing im sending you my email address ok good luck

  66. Hey yeah i was one of her friends…. SHe lived right down the street from my dad… she was really cool…. But i mean lets face it forreal she is gone for good…. if she had been kidnaped she was probably killed and by this time her body could have been cut up and fed to pigs because pigs eat bones… or even if she wasnt eaten by pigs she could of been killed and her body was thrown in the ocean…. her and my brother went out a fewtimes…. she was always really nice to me and if she is found then i’ll be one of the first people to go and hug her and find out what happend….
    sorry to be such a downer but i’m just saying that people dont need to be getting their hopes up tyhe chances are very slim 🙁

  67. I tend to agree with you. I doubt like hell if they will ever even be able to locate her remains. It would be nice for her family if there could be some closure one day but she is long gone.

  68. My parents were murdered in Clevaland, Texas about the same time that Natallie disappeared, my parents case has never been solved, and we are all getting more and more depressed everyday. Could somebody please care about two elderly people that lived their whole life, working and raising kids. We miss them so much, but why do some people get all the publicity?

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