The continuing saga of the Natalee Holloway Investigation

I know I posted the same thing here, but he has the knack to say it so much better than I do. I will probably continue to post my opinions and the occasional news about the investigation, but skippystalin has hit the nail right on the head as far as all of the news channels and the “entertainment value” that they are getting out of this.

One thing to look at though, is that even though they are overusing it, this also seems the best way to keep continued interest in the case from the FBI, and the US Government.

2 throughts on "The continuing saga of the Natalee Holloway Investigation"

  1. I think the Dutchmen in Aruba are all sticking together.They want the kid to get off,because they are all buddies.Therefore they are purposely messing up the investgation.They know time is on their side.

  2. I lived on the islands and was attacked by the locals. They attack with machettes and practice African voodoo. Drugs are a problem. Look underneath the banana fields where they burn the leaves and trash. Ask the local divers to keep a look out or the local lobster divers. Remeber most islanders are related to each other. Her shoes will might be recycled among the locals if they find it on the shores. The judges are extremely corrupt on the islands. The locals will always stick with each other because they will find each other on that small island.

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