The Death Penalty

In a recent discussion, I had a lady post a comment about her daughter, and what happened to her. She also mentioned that 1 1/2 years later, her daughters killer received life in prison.
If he did the crime beyond a shadow of a doubt (he was convicted beyond any reasonable doubt) then why jail him? Blow his fucking head off. I am a big supporter of the death penalty. Nowadays with DNA evidence being introduced into crime investigations, it is a pretty safe bet that if you have been found guilty, then you are. No need to waste taxpayers money on someone who is not going to be rehabilitated (ain’t gonna happen with this sack of shit), so just gas em, fry em, whatever.

3 throughts on "The Death Penalty"

  1. It’s funny- once upon a time, I would have greatly disagreed with you. I felt that with the right treatment and punishment, anyone could be rehabilitated.
    Then I woke the fuck up and pulled my head out of my ass. That happened when I became a parent and my eyes were opened to just how many sick fucks are really out there.
    I agree with you- if he did the crime, shoot him, burn him, kill him…

  2. I’ve heard it said (at least it goes something like this):
    If you are 20, and NOT a liberal, you have no heart6.
    If you are 40, and NOT conservative, you have no brain.
    I tend to agree with it for the most part (of course all of my moonbat relatives are the exception that proves the rule). I used to be completely against it, and like you, as I have had children, and get older, my vies tend to change. I guess that is all part of getting old.
    Not that I am 40 or anything. Closer to like, oh… 19. It’s my damn lie, so I will tell it any way I want to.

  3. I have always been for the death penalty when there is no doubt a person committed the crime. Check my blog for what I think is a good healthy attitude on crime & punishment.

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