Armchair Detectives

I’ve noticed a trend amongst the Natalie Holloway comments. Aside from all the ones about racism, and morons who have nothing better to say than fuck her and her family. Cursing is one thing, but mindlessly being mean is another, although I suppose I may have gone there a time or two. No, the trend I am speaking of has to do with all of the comments such as:
Have they questioned Natalies friends and the chaperones? I think they did it.
Why don’t they let the FBI torture the information out of them.
The Aruban government must be in on it.
Why don’t we just go in there and take over and solve it for ourselves?

The big answer is, for those with half a fucking brain that ask these goddam questions, if you did a teeny tiny bit of reading, you would know why. We are a nation of laws, and don’t just go in and take over other countries unless we feel provoked. Yes, we have done it before, but generally the government feels like it has a pretty damn good reason. One missing girl out of the other 2000 international missing person cases per year just ain’t gonna do it folks, no matter how well the family is playing the media. The other answer is, if you know so much, fly your happy ass down there along with your fucking psychic and solve the goddam case for yourself, and get the $1,000,000 yourself. Hell, it is 100k even if you just give them a lead that solves the crime, even if she isn’t recovered.

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  1. Interesting that the folks in Suriname and Aruba were well aware that the notorious Kalpoe brothers had a “history” in Suriname of this kind of “thing” and that’s why they were forced to leave Suriname and live with their grandparents in Aruba. It is common knowledge. Only the judge could be pulling the kinds of strings that enable these perps to be walking around free. They obviously don’t have the kind of money to be carrying on like they were,,,,working at the internet cafe’.
    Interesting that a judge in training would permit his underage son to openly gamble ightly nand have an open bar tab at the same facility while it was illegal for him to drink or gamble.
    (The judge’s son looks like a cross between Frankenstein and the little Dutch boy,,,he needed all the help he could get to get a date, I’m sure. But being in prison will solve that for him.)

  2. It seems evident that you are not a parent and at the rate you are going you never will be. How rude can a person be. Your whole tune would change if that was your child that was missing. You should be ashamed of yourself for the remarks you made.

  3. Oh, please. I have plenty of sympathy for Natalie’s parents as well as the rest of the 1000’s people who have missing children. What has that got to do with the subject at hand, or did you even bother reading before you got your panties all in a wad?
    I do have children and I would be doing just what her parents are doing in that case. They are bringing down all of the resources that they can get to and shaming the media to boot. About the only thing different that I might be doing would be to take more of an active role. Someone would be in serious hurt if it were one of my children.

  4. Personally, I hate the f— word and if you had any decency about you you would not cuss. Yeah, there are many injustices in this world and some people get more news than others, but guess why that is? The family memebers and friends are out there hounding the press and the police adn not sitting on their duffs waiting for someone to come to them. You actually need to get a life!

  5. Why has there been so very little press on the “Phantom call” recieved by the mother of Natalie…I realize that this may have been a farce, but has anyone given any thought to the fact that this honor student may have just been fed up with her life and jumped ship? We only get to hear what everyone except her thinks. Unfortunately, we may never hear her thoughts. Eitherway, The ‘Armchair Detectives’ make some valid points, however these points seem to be lost in the sea of profanity. You have such a good point, but it falls on deaf ears do to the fact that it seems to come from an uneducated person…Otherwise you would have used a better vocabulary.

  6. they meaning mom and dad should take take these a -holeS out to sea make them bleed , hang them over the ocean waters, who’s going to talk now? Talk about shark bait. This will give them closer. Them drop all “3” of there assers!!!

  7. Why is it most everyone is ignoring the blatantly racist comments supposedly made by Natalie and the racist thread running through this entire saga?
    “There was one remark she did make like she told me, she asked me if they were my slaves because they were driving around but Deepak and Satish never ended up hearing that. I told them that afterwards. So, yes, she said in Alabama we consider black people slaves.”
    …and what of these supposed ‘my Mom is Hitler’s sister’ remarks? ( which a friend of Natalie confirmed that she had also heard Natalie claim this )
    And why was it that those two black security guards were falsely arrested?
    We can only hope that Arubans do not think that all Americans are like the Holloways / Twittys.
    What coincidental irony that Natalie kept asking Joran to see the ‘big house’.

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