Another MySpace Murderer

I haven’t checked to see if Steve Huff has blogged about this yet, I was unaware of it until I ran across the report over at via CNN a few minutes ago. If he has, I am sure he has gone into much greater detail than I ever will be able to.

Apparently 17-year-old Bryan Grove allegedly stabbed his girlfriend’s mother to death in her Denver home. He and his girlfriend, Tess Damm, 15-years-old, hated her mother because of her drinking.

When police arrested the two of them three weeks later, they found the body of Linda Damm crammed into the trunk of a car after they had received an anonymous tip.

What Time is calling extraordinary is that the two teens documented their feelings about the entire thing on their myspace pages several weeks before and after the murder.

They have both been charged as adults, and Bryan has been charged with 1st-degree murder and is under suicide watch.

Bryan’s myspace page is here and an earlier one is here. The first one is the usual myspace garbage templates that people put up, and it looks as if all incriminating entries have been pulled from the site. It’s amazing that it’s still there at all. According to Time, Tess’s page is still active as well, but I couldn’t find it.

Updated – Sure enough, Huff has gotten a bunch of pertinent info and relevant links, as he usually does, here. Now I’m going over there to read it. Go as well, if you are interested. I did find the link to Tess’s page over there as well.

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