Luxury Homes in Asheville…

Asheville, North Carolina has become one of the nicer places to invest in property over the last few years for several different reasons. Set to the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains it is beautiful all of the time. The weather is mild compared to other areas in the south, yet the winters are without the freezing cold that you would expect in a mountainous area. Here’s a view of downtown Asheville.


Asheville is the largest city in western North Carolina with a population that hovers around 70,000. Big enough to be considered a city, yet small enough to know your neighbors and actually meet friendly people.

One of the more popular attractions in the area is Biltmore Estates, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year. Partly because of this, Asheville has quite a few of the conveniences of larger cities and a very high quality of living, without all of the mess and crime of bigger metropolitan areas. The Blue Ridge Parkway also runs through the area. I’ve ridden the parkway and it is particularly beautiful in the fall. offers the thoroughness of MLS property search integrated with Google Maps to make your search for property in the Asheville area a breeze. Here is an example of one of the locations on the map.


Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say. One of the things that I think is so cool about all of the technologies in use on the Internet is how they are being mashed together to create useful tools such as this one in use by It makes it easier to locate available properties and if you are looking for luxury homes Asheville is the place.