Mother of Mauled 5-Year-Old Charged

Last week in the county where I live a five year old was reported missing from her home and found later about a tenth of a mile from her house, naked and mauled to death by a Rottweiler. The mother, Florence Annette Pauley was charged with reckless conduct and involuntary manslaughter after having admitted that she was up using meth until 3 a.m. the morning that her little girl Tiffany died.

Apparently Pauley had pled guilty earlier this year to meth-related charges and was given three years probation, in 2004 she pled guilty to DUI and child endangerment charges and was given a years probation at that time as well. Obviously the probation was extremely successful in turning her into a model citizen.

When I read the story in the newspaper at work today I was livid. Furious. Involuntary manslaughter? What kind of farking idiot stays up until 3a.m. partying and finally notices her daughter is gone at 11am, FIVE hours after anyone last reported seeing her. Yeah, I understand that drug addiction is a disease and all that. I happen to agree with it, but some people use that as an excuse to get away with obsessive behavior because they are too lazy and stupid to attempt to deal with real life. I have the cure for that disease and it’s called the electric chair.

Part of my feelings about it and my reaction are just anger mis-directed I suppose. I have a relative whose youngest son wandered off and drowned in a swimming pool at 30-something years ago. She is a recovering alcoholic and I know that she has to live with the guilt over her son’s death every day of her life.

Here is another part of the problem. In addition to alcohol and drugs, young parents often do really stupid things that might put their kids in danger that they would never consider with a few more years of gained wisdom. Not that it’s an excuse, it’s just a fact of life. There are all kinds of things that I would do without thinking twice when I was a new parent at 22, than I would now that I am 40. This Pauley woman was 41. I guess she skipped the fucking class on gained wisdom.

According to the Carrollton Times-Georgian “Pauley was being held in the Carroll County jail Monday. ‘We have her on suicide watch,’ (Sheriff) Langley said, calling it precautionary ‘because of the traumatic events’ Pauley had not actually threatened to harm herself. Langley called it a ‘horrible situation,’ and said he took no satisfaction in this case. ‘You still have to do your job,’ he said.”

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The article over at the AJC reminded me of something I had read earlier today but had forgotten by the time I started typing this entry. Tiffany Pauley, the little girls who is now dead, also has Downs Syndrome. That in itself doesn’t change the fact that the poor girl is dead, but what the fuck was the father thinking when he left the house at 6:45 a.m. Was he laboring under the assumption that his wife wasn’t using meth? Is anyone that stupid? Perhaps he should be charge at the very least with reckless conduct just for leaving the girl with Pauley.

Tiffany’s grandmother, Annette Steere, said Tiffany had never wandered away before.

Tiffany had not developed verbal skills, Steere said, but “had a smile of grace.”

Well lady, didja ever think that perhaps the girl was hungry after having nobody to take care of her for half the fucking day?

Here is the transcript of the 911 call, which is posted in the extended entry.

Operator: “Carroll County 911.”

Florence Pauley: (unintelligible)

Operator: “Hello. What’s your address, ma’am?”

Florence Pauley: “1-5-0 Cyprus Circle.”

Operator: “Hold on, don’t hang up.”

Florence Pauley: (screaming / crying)

Operator: “Ma’am? How old is she?”

Florence Pauley: “She’s five years old. She’s a Down syndrome Child. She’s Down syndrome. She’s close to a two-year old, she doesn’t talk.”

Operator: “Listen, you’re crying. I cannot understand you. You said she’s five years old, she’s walkin’ with a dog?”

Florence Pauley: “No. She’s Down Syndrome — “

Operator: “OK, Hold on. Hold on.”

Florence Pauley: “My kids — (unintelligible)”

Operator: “What is your name, ma’am? (unintelligible, repeats question.)”

Florence Pauley: “Florence. (Florence?) Florence Pauley. (Pauley?) P-A-U-L-E-Y. (Florence. Florence.)

Operator: “OK, What’s her name?”

Florence Pauley: “Tiffany.”

Operator: “What’s her last name?”

Florence Pauley: “Pauley.”

Operator: “OK. –“

Florence Pauley: “I can’t even breathe.”

Operator: “Do you remember what she was wearing?”

Florence Pauley: “No, she [took] her clothes off.”

Operator: “How long she been missin’?”

Florence Pauley: “About 45 minutes.”

Operator: “45 minutes?”

Florence Pauley: “Yes.”

Operator: “Listen, I got an officer in the area right there, so let me tell him. Hold on, OK? Don’t hang up.”

Florence Pauley: (sobbing) (unintelligible) (crying) (screaming) Oh God.

Operator: “White girl or black girl?”

Florence Pauley: “She’s a white girl. She’s white.”

Operator: “Hold on. Hold on, OK?”

Florence Pauley: “(unintelligible) Please, God, help me. (unintelligible) Right here. A white house. A white, white house. 45 minutes.”

Operator: “Where you sleeping?”

Florence Pauley: “I had kissed her goodnight last night in the bed. I was sleeping. My 12-year old —

Operator: “Florence?”

Florence Pauley: “My 12-year old — “

Operator: “Florence? Did you find her, Florence?

Florence Pauley: “No, no –“

Operator: “OK, listen. Listen. Hold on just a minute. Don’t hang up. I’m talkin on the radio, OK?”

Florence Pauley: “All right.”

Operator: “Hold on.”

Florence Pauley: “I can’t find her. (pause) I gotta go here. I gotta go right here. Here’s my house.”

(sounds of a police radio)

Florence Pauley: “Please. (sounds of a police radio) (pauley coughs) Lord, please help me. (unintelligible) my baby!”

Operator: “Florence. Florence.”

Florence Pauley: “Ma’am.”

Operator: “OK, what was she wearing when you last saw her?”

Florence Pauley: “I — Last night, she was wearing a white t-shirt last night.”

Operator: “OK.”

Florence Pauley: “Without sleeves.”

Operator: “OK, without sleeves?”

Florence Pauley: “Yes…”

Operator: “What kind of shorts?”

Florence Pauley: “Diapers. She doesn’t wear shorts. She wears a diaper (screaming:) and she can barely keep her diaper on!”

Operator: “Hold on.” (talking off mic)

Florence Pauley: “She’s probably naked!”

Operator: (talking)

Florence Pauley: (sobbing)

Operator: “Do you see a deputy, Florence? There’s a deputy on your road. Do you see him?”

Florence Pauley: “No.”

Operator: “OK.”

Florence Pauley: “Is it a cop? Do they see my baby?”

Operator: “Hold on just a second.”

Florence Pauley: “Hello?” (sobbing)

Operator: (talking on radio)

Florence Pauley: (sobbing)

Operator: “Do you see him yet, Ma’am?”

Florence Pauley: “I’m on the dirt road. I came in the woods — “

Operator: “You came in the woods?”

Florence Pauley: “I was — I was in the woods drivin, on the back road, where the road ends. Back here.”

Operator: “OK.”

Florence Pauley: “Big gigantic dog, that lived behind here. Please tell me this man has saw my baby. (pause) There’s a police officer. Can I get out now?”

Operator: “You see the deputy?”

Florence Pauley: “Yes, I see the deputy.”

Operator: “OK, is he gettin’ out to talk with you?”

Florence Pauley: “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Operator: “There’s some help on the way, OK?”

Florence Pauley: “OK. OK.”

Operator: “Thank you.”

Florence Pauley: “Thank you.”

Operator: “Thank you. Bye.”

====call ends===
According to Pauley has a bail hearing set for Tuesday.

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