Natalee Holloway's Parents To Meet With Prosecutor

Hans Mos, the chief prosecutor in the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba has agreed to meet Saturday with the parents of the missing Alabama teen.

Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway are eager to share with Hans Mos information that they have managed to gather in the two and a half years since Natalee disappeared in 2005 while on vacation with other students and classmates. Neither of the parents have provided any details on the information that they want to give to Mos.

Prosecutors are expected to bring Joran van der Sloot before another hearing next Friday when they are expected to ask a judge to keep him jailed for another 60 days.

2 throughts on "Natalee Holloway's Parents To Meet With Prosecutor"

  1. Doesn’t it seem likely that if Joran were involved in any criminal activity regarding Natalee that the Kalpoe brothers would also have to be criminally involved, since they had the car – Joran had no means of transporting Natalee anywhere without them. If the Kalpoe brothers are being released tomorrow, I can’t see how the Judge could keep Joran for another 60 days, if the Kalpoe brothers are released.

  2. Those were my thoughts, unless there is evidence that we don’t know about but remember, Joran was jailed and had his first hearing a few days after the Kalpoes which means that he will be in until at least Tuesday.

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