Holloway Suspect Wrote Teen Was Dead…

Apparently, one piece of the ‘new’ evidence (according to reports) that prosecutors used to justify the re-arrest of the three suspects in the Natalee Holloway case was a bit of chat log retrieved from the computer hard drive belonging to one of them. In the chat, one of the suspects said, ‘The fact that she’s dead is not good’, referring to Holloway.

There was no further discussion of Holloway’s death or how she died. Other evidence included two new witnesses, but they were only witnesses as far as the behavior of the suspects after Holloway’s disappearance, not of the deed itself.

One other piece of evidence included a conversation about what happened that night after the authorities bugged the Kalpoe home.

So, apparently that one report at FOX News was right in that Hans Mos did an interview today but wrong in the fact that they have closed the case barring any new evidence.

What gets me is the fact that it is an admission that they know she is dead and had something, no matter how small, to do with it, yet are now just considered persons of interest in the case since they refused to talk to the prosecution.

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  1. What really pisses me off about this whole ordeal is, there’s a mother that needs closure. There’s a mother who is suffering through another holiday not knowing what happened to her daughter. If they have evidence that these three POS’s murdered her then they should be locked up. But they say money talks and bullshit walks so I have a gut feeling nothing will every materialize and they won’t ever be punished. And if they are, sitting in a jail cell is too good for them.

  2. This a bunch of nonsense. These fellow are innocent. Just because one of the guys made the statement that she is dead, which was a common conclusion said and written by millions of people who speculated on the known facts at the time. The prosecutor is just playing with words to cloud any common sense thinking. There is no evidence on if the fellows killed her? How was she killed? Where was she killed? Who killed her? When was she killed. Where is her body? It is obvious that most people can not pull off a successful murder of this sort unless you have the resources of the Mafia, FBI, or CIA, as in the case of Jimmy Hoffa.

  3. Unless of course you are sitting in the middle of a million square miles of ocean.
    I agree that they may not have actually killed Natalee, anything is possible, but they are obviously guilty of being complicit in her death and knowing exactly what happened to her. Otherwise why all of the lies and changing stories?
    Not all guilty behavior means a guilty conscience but it damn sure doesn’t make things look very good.

  4. I am not so sure there were so many lies and different stories. The young men told 1 consistent story. But it was the Holloways and Prosecution who relayed their different interpretations to the media to produce all these alleged lies. In fact, we have Dr. Phil’s crew deliver doctored tapes to the Prosecution to implicate one of the fellows. Nor can you say they are guilty of being complicit in her death or knowing what happened to her. The Aruban judges released the trio exactly because there was no evidence that Natalie is dead or that she died violently. It is time to start believing in their innocence. So many people are hanging on a last straw because it has been such a ruthless media bias against the fellows. It is time to consider how this disappearance/murder could be committed by the trio using their available resources and time. And if you do, you will jump off the bandwagon and stop this witch hunt.

  5. Actually they released them because the prosecutor wasn’t sure he could get a conviction based on the fact that her body hasn’t been found. I tend to agree with another commenter I haven’t seen in a couple of days in that maybe Joran did not kill Natalee or even have a part in her death if it was an accident but I do think that he knows what happened.
    Using the resources they had it would have been easy for her to disappear into the sea.
    Personally I would like to think they are innocent. I am a great believer in innocent until proven guilty but the little bit of evidence and the lies that they told back in 2005 point at the fact that they know something about what happened.
    As far as the media and their bias I agree 100% that the boys have been unjustly tried by the main stream media and one of the posts where I got quite a bit of traffic back in 2005 was one in which I pointed out that had Natalee been black and poor this case never would have gotten the attention and media bias that it has.
    What about the fact that Joran changed his story at least two times back in 2005?
    Why were the Kalpoes washing their car in the middle of the night after her disappearance?
    Why is it that witnesses for the prosecution say that they acted in a manner completely unlike themselves after her disappearance but BEFORE it was found that she was missing?
    What about the statement that Joran made on June 13th 2005 in which he stated that Deepak Kalpoe returned to the girl after he left her on the beach and he thought that Deepak had buried her there? Was he just pulling lies out of his ass to impress the investigators?
    Former Deputy Police Commissioner Dompig said that one of the boys admitted something bad happened to Natalee, but it seems as if the gorverment pressured him to shut up. What’s up with that?
    Nobody has ever been able to offer a good explanation for any of those items.

  6. The Kalpoes were released with the judges ruling that there was no evidence that Natalee was killed or that the Kalpoes had anything to do with her death. The prosecutor would not bring a case because he wasn’t sure he could get a conviction because there was no body.
    I do not think anyone except the FBI, CIA or Mafia has the resources and plan, to kill and get rid of the body in the time frame of 2am when they left the bar to approximately 6pm when Joran was in police custody.
    I have heard him say that he change his story once because he was not being a gentlemen by leaving Natalee on the beach. The other alleged changes were inventions of media and the Hollaway camp.
    Washing and shining your car in the evening was normal for the Kalpoe brother. He is just like several young men who like to keep a clean mean machine. Also, it was already known that Natalee was in the car. This is a strawdog and is irrelevant to the case.
    As for the prosecution witnesses who said the trio acted different in their mind before it was know Natalee was missing. First, who are the witnesses and what was their prior relationship to the trio? How long was the trio acting strange? This is another strawdog that raises more questions than it answers. I am sure I could find a witness to say even you acted strange before Natalee was known to be missing. Also, I confess that I acted bizarre before and after 911.
    I believe I saw the interview were the investigator asked Joran to speculate on what Deepak did to Natalee? And yes, Joran rightfully pull the answer out of his arse for the 15 seconds of fame/TV asshole investigator/reporter. Also be aware he gave this information to the Nancy Grace type TV show, not to the police.
    Former Deputy Commissioner Dompig had access to the complete transcript of the police questioning of the trio. For him to cite a single line of the transcript would be detrimental to the prosecutor possible court case and he had to be shutdown otherwise he would be contaminating possible witnesses in a court trial.
    I hope I gave you some answer to your items. Since most of them were strawdogs and irrelevant. This may explain why the Trio’s camp and authorities have not answered them.

  7. Saying that there was no evidence is pretty misleading. There is evidence but unfortunately it is all circumstantial. You are right in that he doesn’t think he can get a conviction without a body.
    4 hours? That’s plenty of time to get rid of a body. I live in a small town myself and it would prove much easier here or another small community than a larger city.
    One of the witnesses is an unnamed female friend who said that one of the three called her about five hours after Natalee disappeared and would not tell her what was wrong, stating that ‘he didn’t want to cause her any trouble and could not discuss it over the phone’. That in itself is certainly not even close to an admission to anything but once you combine the rest of the circumstantial evidence it makes them look dirty as hell.
    Joran was not arrested until 10 days after her disappearance. While he may have been in temporary custody the next morning he was not arrested until almost two weeks later, on June 9th if I recall.
    You could not have seen the interview I was referring to since it was an interview with Joran by the police, not some interview with the dumbasses of the media. If you search over at Diario the scanned transcript signed by Joran and witnessed by four police officers is available there for your perusal.
    My personal opinion is that one or both of the Kalpoes probably raped her and in the process killed her, possibly by accident and Joran is aware of it. I don’t know what it’s called in Aruba but when you knowingly hide a murder committed by someone here in the states it makes you an accessory to the crime, whether after the fact or not.

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