Holloway Case in New Phase…

According to this article over at CNN (seems I have been hanging out there a lot lately) the investigation of Natalee Holloway is not closed but has entered a new phase as four detectives assigned to the case continue to look for evidence. Regardless of what happened or who killed Natalee (if indeed she is dead as I and most people assume) the family needs closure as does the Aruban people. Exactly how much do they trust their own authorities if they can’t even prosecute the killers of one girl?

Hans Mos stated that the charges were dropped against Joran van der Sloot and the two Kalpoe brothers, Deepak and Satish not because they don’t have a case but because they couldn’t be sure of a conviction. If they were to be prosecuted and then the case was to be dismissed, because of double jeopardy (as in our laws) they couldn’t be tried again. It makes sense to make sure that they have all their ducks in a row before they go for a conviction. Then again, they could just be assigning the four detectives to a never-ending case just to appease the traveling public.

The decision not to prosecute doesn’t mean “there is not a file in which these three people are primary persons of interest, We believe justice will prevail one day, but we cannot force that right now.” – Hans Mos

Some of the conflicting statements from the three young men include the fact that the Kalpoes told police that they dropped Holloway and van der Sloot off near a lighthouse on the northern tip of the island. Joran van der Sloot’s mother says that he told her he was on the beach with Natalee but left her there because she wanted to stay. If you will recall, during the interrogation of Joran van der Sloot he initially told police that Natalee Holloway wanted to go to the north side of the island to see sharks (interesting only in the fact that it was dark and you wouldn’t see shit, but if she were drunk the fact that it was dark wouldn’t matter), but later on said that ‘at no time did Natalee ask to go to the north side of Aruba and then later said that the idea of going to the lighthouse was his?

Anyway, the good thing is that under Aruban law criminal prosecution is possible until the punishable acts become too old. For voluntary manslaughter that is six years and for homicide it’s twelve.

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  1. Bring your daughters and wives to Aruba and watch them disapear never to be seen again. Like Natalle Holloway.All oficals will conspiare together like the Holloway caseso keep going to Aruba.

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