Teacher Sends Nekked Photos…

Updated 1-16-08 – I pretty much have a question. What’s up with the way that teachers (and anyone else for that matter) are treated if they are female vs males. If I were to have sex with a youngster (although the thought makes me somewhat squeamish since my oldest is 19 now) they would lock my ass up and throw away the key, yet these chicks get little time, and probation. I’m all for equality but if you want frigging equality that needs to include treatment of scumbags like Chester as well…


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Now that I’ve finished my nice lunch of egg salad sandwiches and the dog gets my last quarter here’s something that should bring it back up pretty quickly…


Beth Ann Chester (got that three name criminal thing going on again) has been arrested and charged with Child Sexual Abuse, Statutory Sexual Assault and related counts according to CNN.

Chester is a 26 year old health and physical education teacher at Moon Area High School in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Pittsburgh) and I guess she decided on some REAL physical education for a fourteen year old in her class. She has sent three pictures of herself, two naked to the boy along with sexually fueled text messages. Talk about Chester the Molester

The freshman at Moon Area denies having sexual contact with Chester but according to the police chief Leo McCarthy there probably was.

Apparently the parents had discovered the text messages and met with Chester on December 26th. She handed in her resignation the next day, claiming personal reasons. School officials believe that the resignation was related to messages she had sent to a student.


The fourteen-year-old and Chester, who is married, started exchanging text messages in October and they devised a system to spend extra time with one another at school.

Beth Ann Chester is being held in the Allegheny County jail after failing to post a $50,000 bond. No attorney has entered an appearance according to the District Judge’s office. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for today.

Allegedly Chester told the student that her husband had been abusive toward her.

I may post more later. President Bush is live on TV talking about Iraq and his trip to the Middle East and I want to watch it.