Gary Michael Hilton may be linked to Florida murder

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As I mentioned in one of my previous posts about Meredith Emerson, Gary Michael Hilton, the 61 year old drifter that kidnapped, murdered and decapitated the girl is also a suspect now in some more crimes.

Cheryl Dunlap’s body was found last month in the Apilachicola National Forest southwest of Tallahasee Florida according to the Leon County Sheriff’s Department (and CNN). According to Sergeant Rob Reisinger they know Hilton was in the area at the time of Dunlap’s disappearance because he came in contact with a forestry service agent who wrote down his tag number. The encounter was just a routine check and no warrants came back when the agent ran his tag number.

Wood said Florida authorities have received numerous tips from citizens in the Dunlap case, including one from a hunter who reported seeing a “homeless-looking, disheveled man with a knife” December 7 in the forest, Wood said.
The hunter said he warned the man that the forest was a bad place to be during hunting season. The hunter notified police of the encounter after Dunlap’s body was found December 19. Wood said Florida authorities are preparing to travel to Georgia to meet and coordinate with authorities.

Police in Georgia found Meredith’s body in exchange for Union County dropping consideration of the death penalty, but the district attorney in Dawson County, where her body was discovered said that he was not involved in that deal and it is possible that Dawson County may put the death penalty back into consideration when the Grand Jury meets again in March.

There are also some other similarities with a case in th Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina as well. Irene Bryant’s body was found near her car but her elderly husband John has still not been located.
cheryldunlap.jpgCheryl Dunlap livedin Crawfordville and went missing on December 1st. She was discovered by hunters in Apilachicola National Forest on December 16th and investigators had to use DNA testing to find out who she was. She was 46 years old and was a nurse at Florida State University.
Up until now investigators had no suspects in the case but there are similarities. They do have video of a man trying to use her ATM card but I don’t know how goodthey are or if they show portions of his face or not.
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