Interpol After Cesar Laurean

Updated 2-2-08 According to the article below, the family and friends will finally be saying goodbye to Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child at a funeral today in Ohio.


This video from the Associated Press goes a bit into the story.

CNN Finally has an update on this as well.

The grand jury indictments that I wrote about last week allege the Cesar Laurean forcibly stole money from Maria Lauterbach’s bank account, killed her and then used her ATM card again.

Apparently Laurean’s full name is Cesar Armando Laurean-Ramirez. I had not picked that up from any of my previous reading about it. Anyway, the Department of Justice is on the lookout…


Mexico has finally issued a warrant for Cesar Laurean, now a week after he was reported sighted. The warrant authorizes the Mexican police to follow leads and to arrest Laurean id found.

Interpol hasn’t yet actually published the ‘red notice’ but once it does it will be accessible by 186 different member countries in four different languages.

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