What A Fun Day…

I was pretty stressed out yesterday when I arrived home I ended up not getting online except to briefly check my email, then just watched TV with the girls for the evening. I needed the break for awhile.

Yesterday was just one of those days at work that make you not want to be there. I was at my slow store yesterday and for the most part the manager at the store pretty much just lets the employees do whatever they want. I don’t know if he just doesn’t care or if he is afraid to couch and train them for some reason. Either way that makes it difficult for me to go in, particularly when it is busy during the weekend, and have them doing 90% of their job wrong.

I was short-handed to begin with, and two of the three waitresses are really weak. One of those two is extremely lazy to boot. Normally I will make sure to correct mistakes throughout the day, whether in what they are doing, or how they are calling orders out but I actually snapped one her at least twice yesterday. The second time I was a real dick and felt pretty bad about it afterward but I am getting real tired of going in and explaining the same things week after week and then going back the next week and seeing the same stupid shit.

Toward the end of the day she really got worthless. The end of the shift is the time for cleanup and sidework. About 1:30 I gave the waitresses a list of the things they needed to finish. While the place looked like it had been extremely busy it really hadn’t and they should have been able to finish their stuff. I had already finished my cleanup, as well as caught up their dishes that had been behind all day and was sitting in the office doing paperwork when I look up to see one of the waitresses working her ass off and the other two sitting on their asses at the counter. One of them was at least checking the credit cards. The other was just sitting there eating like nothing was going on. I though my fucking head was going to pop off. I flew out front and told them they needed to finish their sidework and they weren’t getting paid to just sit around. The one girl checking the credit cards got up and the other just blithely ignored me and continued eating. Rather than get in the midst of something I couldn’t fix I just clocked her out at quarter ’til and she won’t be working with me on the weekend again. It’s been awhile since I’ve had anyone show that much fucking disrespect and lack of giveashit about the people that they work with.