Serial Rapist Taunting Police?

…or perhaps it was just a bad mistake on the murderer’s part.
Police have found a pair of thongs in the same field where Brianna Denison’s body was located late last week. After testing they have found DNA from two different people on the underwear, that of the unknown rapist/murderer and an unknown female.
Police don’t want to really speculate because it’s possible that the underwear are stolen or they may have belonged to a victim that has not yet come forward or can’t come forward. It’s possible that the man either inadvertently dropped the thong when he was dumping Brianna’s body, or it may be a horrible message to police that he’s committed yet another crime and the police haven’t found him.
The underwear itself was a black thong with the head of the Pink Panther on it. Police are saying that it did not belong to Brianna Denison.

Newscom also has the report up as well as CNN and other news outlets. From Newscom and Voxant:

If I get the chance this evening I will try and update this entry as I get more information.

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2 throughts on "Serial Rapist Taunting Police?"

  1. I think you’re right – he’s taunting police. Which is truly unusual behavior for a serial rapist; that’s something serial killers ordinarily do. Meanwhile, his attacks are growing closer together, which is a pattern ordinarily associated with serial killers, too.
    Scary to think maybe he’s going to escalate his behavior.

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