Gary Michael Hilton indicted in Florida slaying

Updated 3/1/2008 – Just saw the report over at the same CNN link where Florida prosecutors are planning to seek the death penalty against Gary Michael Hilton even though he’s already serving a life sentence here in Georgia for the murder of Meredith Emerson.
OK, so I know how it works in some states. You serve out your time in one and then get sent to the other to serve it there. How about Georgia and Florida? I really don’t know.
If/when Florida convicts him will get just get shipped there automatically or will he have to serve out his ‘life’ sentence here and then get fried? It sure would be nice if they would just send his ass on down to Florida and save a couple of my tax dollars.


I actually read this report at some point yesterday but in between trying not to smoke by eating candy and sleeping I haven’t really had much free time on my hands 🙂
The Leon County Florida Grand Jury handed down indictments on Gary Michael Hilton, the man convicted in the kidnapping and murder of Meredith Emerson, for charges of murder, kidnapping and two counts of grand theft on Thursday related to the disappearance and murder of Cheryl Dunlap.

Cheryl Dunlap’s body was found back in December southwest of Tallahassee in the Apilachicola National Forest and until Hilton was captured and quite a bit of evidence found police had pretty much hit a roadblock in the investigation.
Investigators are aware that Hilton was in the Tallahassee area on December 1st because he ran into a forestry agent who ran his tag number through the police database according to the Leon County Sheriff’s Department. Although the grand jury has handed down the indictments, the investigation will continue. The police department are in no hurry to charge him because he is sitting in jail in Georgia and they want to make sure that they get an airtight case against him. Not that they are going to be able to find much of an impartial jury in this case.
Hilton is also a suspect in the deaths of John and Irene Bryant who disappeared while hiking through the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina on October 21st of last year.
So are these the only killings he’s been linked to? Hardly. The FBI hesitates before calling him a serial killer as he doesn’t quite fit the profile at his advanced age but all that really means is that he finally got caught. As retired FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt puts it; “This guy didn’t just fall off the turnip tuck and start doing this”.
Pickens County South Carolina officials are waiting until North Carolina completes it’s investigation of Hilton before Pursuing him as a possible suspect in the abduction of Clemson University student Jason Knapp on Easter, ten years ago. Knapp’s fingerprints were on a ticket admitting him to Table Rock State Park.
Hilton is also a suspect in Rossana Miliani’s disappearance in December 2005 in Bryson City, North Carolina. According to reports she was last seen with a white man in his sixties and appeared nervous to the witnesses.
And Megan asks “what about Judith Bradford Smith”? After she left a comment here recently I did a bit of reading on Judith Smith. She disappeared in Philadelphia a few years back and the case took a weird turn when the skeleton turned up near Biltmore Estates. While what I have read doesn’t really seem to fit any of the characteristics of his other murders it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a look at Hilton in this unsolved case.
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4 throughts on "Gary Michael Hilton indicted in Florida slaying"

  1. Gary Hilton is a sick individual, who deserves the death penalty, not by leathal injection, and not in the electric chair, he deserves to be beaten in the head by a blunt object, but before that he should be tortured for three days and decapitated while still alive!! He makes me sick @ my stomach & I should not work for the government to keep his sorry ass up in the detention center with my tax dollars!!! I hope and pray that the families of the victims can seek justice to the fullest extent of the law, thats the least the judicial system can do for them!!!! Please keep me informed on this case, I have been keeping up with this case since day 1. Sincerely, Andrea Greeson

  2. I am hoping that Florida gives him death, but I wonder if he has to serve out the whole sentence here before becoming property of the State of Florida?

  3. I would like to know if anyone knows of this jack offs whereabouts? What prison he is in or even his address? I would like to see him skinned alive and violated by a pedophile as his feet were smashed with hammers. That would be justice!!!! Hopefuly someone kills him in prison.

  4. He’s in prison in Georgia, where he’s been since he was convicted of killing Meredith Emerson.

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