Kevin Underwood Found Guilty

In April of 2006, Kevin Underwood lured his ten-year-old upstairs neighbor, Jamie Rose Bolin, into his apartment, hit her in the head with a cutting board, smothered her, sexually assaulted her dead body and almost cut her head off in his sick fantasy that his defense attorney attempted to blame on the anti-depressant Lexapro.
According to Underwood’s video taped confession “I wanted to know what it tasted like (flesh), and just the thought of eating someone was appealing to me”.
The video from the Associated Press on the trial is a few days old. After closing arguments the jury returned with a verdict within minutes. It probably took longer to pick a foreman than it did to decide the bastard’s guilt.

The 28-year-old grocery bagger claimed that Internet pornography stoked his cannibalistic fantasies and didn’t show any kind of emotion when the verdict was announced.
You know, I have perused quite a bit of Internet Pornography (Say it isn’t so!) and I’ve got to tell you, it has never stoked cannibalistic fantasies for me. Perhaps I’m just hanging out at the wrong web sites?
Police found the girl’s body in a plastic tub in Underwood’s apartment in April of 2006. If you’ll remember, it was news for a short while because it was “another” murderer blogger. Steve Huff wrote about him (SubSpecies23 aka Kevin Fuller) a bit at his website as well as this story over at The Crime Library.