Gas can may be a clue in Lauren Burk's death

I’ve been pretty busy this week at work and really haven’t had the chance to follow either of the two shooting stories that have cropped up in the media, one a UNC student who was shot to death and the other, an Auburn freshman who was from Marietta, which is actually pretty close to me, thus the reason I’m writing about it.
laurenburk.jpgAs I mentioned, Lauren was a freshman at Auburn University and was found shot to death Tuesday night a few miles outside of campus. She died at a hospital later on. Immediately after police found Lauren, the received a call on a car which was on fire in a campus parking lot.
The police think that gasoline was used to start the fire and a gas can was found in downtown Auburn which possibly might be involved. Police are investigating all the leads that they can, so they don’t want to leave this one out.
The police are denying rumors that Lauren Burk was sexually assaulted and are continuing to patrol the campus area.
Memorial services for Burk are Saturday and Sunday in a Marietta church and synagogue and a memorial service is also being held on the Auburn campus on Monday.

Police are saying that they have some very strong leads and hope to make an announcement soon.
They don’t think that the two cases are related, but Chapel Hill, North Carolina police have been in contact with Auburn police. Eve Carson is another native of Georgia who attends UNC and was shot to death on Wednesday.
Eve Carson was apparently a very active and popular member of the University of North Carolina as this report from CBS news attests to.

There is currently a $25,000 reward for the person who committed this apparent random act of violence.
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