Maria Lauterbach Autopsy Results

Authorities finally released the results of Maria Lauterbach’s autopsy on Friday and the results are pretty much what they had reported before. The cut to her neck was superficial and may have occurred after death, which pretty much throws Corporal Cesar Laurean’s story out the window, as if his flight to Mexico didn’t already do that.

A gaping 4-inch wound was found on the left side of Lauterbach’s neck, according to autopsy results released by the office of the chief medical examiner in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The wound is “incised,” meaning it is a clean cut such as that made by a sharp instrument. However, the wound itself would not have been fatal, as there was only minimal damage to the underlying muscle, the results said.
“The autopsy confirms that there was a superficial incision to the neck that appears to have been made post-mortem,” said a statement from Merle Wilberding and Chris Conard, attorneys representing Lauterbach’s mother, Mary Lauterbach. “If so, that incision may have been made to have the body conform to Cesar Laurean’s story that she had ‘killed herself by slitting her throat.’ “

The cut was made to try and conform to the story that he supposedly told his wife, about Maria coming to the house and killing herself.
I haven’t heard much about Laurean in the mainstream news lately but that doesn’t surprise me. He’s still at large, most likely in Mexico. Perhaps Dog the Bounty Hunter will go in after him because we certainly haven’t been able to get him.

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