Laurean Expected Back in the U.S. Sooner

According to the prosecutor for Onslow County, North Carolina, he expects Cesar Laurean to waive extradition and be back in North Carolina soon. Later on in a news conference today though he said that depending on how Laurean deals with extradition it might take a couple of days or a couple of years.
Laurean has been taken to Mexico City where Mexican federal authorities are questioning him according to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico.

When asked about whether Laurean was caught by accident, Brown (the prosecutor) said that “I know what’s been going on behind the scenes…I’m confident in saying that the reason Cesar Laurean is in custody is by the professional pursuit that the agencies, all agencies involved, have carried on from the time he left here”.

Using the information that the FBI gathered when they seized his sister-in-law’s computer, they were able to narrow down the area that needed to be searched.

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