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So Cesar Laurean has been captured. It’s all over the Internet and the TV. The Maria Lauterbach case and the hunt for Cesar Laurean has been out of the news for a short while but that doesn’t mean that the investigation hasn’t been going on the whole time. CBS had this report yesterday morning.

What I find confusing is the fact that at least CNN had reported that they nabbed Cesar Laurean during a roadblock set up by the anti-kidnapping task force. Now it’s being reported that they arrested Laurean walking down the main street in San Juan de la Vina in Tacambaro. The FBI is also reporting that their agents were present at his arrest but did not specify if they actually played a role in the arrest or not.
Here’s a map of the approximate area where they caught him.

He made it a pretty good ways. It’s not like he was just right over the border, but then he’s had three months to make it there.

It’s somewhat confusing getting the conflicting stories, but then again, the initial stories are often wrong particularly considering when it’s another country entirely.
According to CNN Laurean spoke briefly with the AP while he was held by Mexican police.

Also according to CNN people that lived in the area wondered about Laurean and it seems that quite a few simply assumed that he was some sort of drug dealer and seemed quite OK with that. The locals that were interviewed said that Laurean didn’t fight back when he was captured and that he went along peacefully.

He had told at least one of the locals that he had just come back from Spain and that he was being punished by his parents who were making him live on an avocado orchard.
Laurean has been living in a wood cabin in the mountains and walked into town on a daily basis so that he could use the local Internet cafe. No doubt to chat with his wife Christina and see if there was any news on his search.

Apparently he and Christina have been emailing through MySpace. From what I was reading earlier Cesar consistently asked for help from his family and Christina consistently denied it. The prosecutor for Onslow County, NC has said that communicating with him is not illegal just as long as she was not helping him. The local PD also say that she very specifically denied help to him and that they would not have captured him if it weren’t for Christina Laurean’s help. I still don’t have the link to their MySpace pages, at least not current ones. This is one that I know of but it hasn’t been logged in to since January. If anyone has run across them, send me an email or leave a comment.

The FBI is waiting for him to be extradited to the United States and have been encouraging him to waive extradition, letting him know that regardless of how he fights i, he will eventually be returned to the U.S. Right now he is being held at a Mexico City prison. Dewy Hudson, the district attorney in North Carolina where he will be tried has agreed not to seek the death penalty as Mexico refuses to send anyone back to the United States unless they are assured that they will not face execution. The Sheriff of Onslow County has also promised that Laurean will be treated as any other inmate once he is returned. He made the statement that the alleged killer ‘is not an animal’.

The United States Navy is also going to perform a paternity test when he is returned to find out whether he was the father of the unborn child or not. They are waiting for his return since they want a reliable DNA sample from him. It is supposed to take at least 60 days to file the extradition paperwork with the Mexican government. I’m sure they could expedite the process but they will most likely want to cross all their t’s and dot the i’s before getting him back so as to not deny him any due process before bringing him home.

After the capture a sheriff called Mary Lauterbach, Maria’s mother to tell her the news of his capture. Mary said “This has been a terrible tragedy, not only for our family but for Cesar and Christina as well as for their families.

In at least one of the posts I wrote I mentioned immigration as well as illegal aliens. Tammy Bruce made mention of it in a recent post about Cesar Laurean’s capture, mentioning that’s he’s a ‘scum Marine murderer‘. She’s got that part right but what she doesn’t have right is that she correlates the fact that we need to get the wall built between Mexico and the U.S. to keep murderers fleeing to Mexico in order to avoid the death penalty, or at least that’s inferred. I am all for kicking the illegals out but just as Arizona has taken the lead in enforcing it’s existing laws and forcing the illegals out using plain old economics, perhaps the rest of the country needs to take a look at that and quit with the stupid fucking wall. What a waste of my tax money. All the wall is doing is keeping legal U.S. citizens inside and pissing off tax-paying landowners along the border. Why are we allowing our representatives to turn our country into a police state in the name of freedom. What a crock of shit.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand. What exactly did Cesar mean by “proof” when questioned by reporters? That he thinks prosecutor’s don’t have enough or that there is proof he didn’t do it?
Lauterbach and Laurean were both personnel clerks in the same logistics unit at Camp Lejeune, an expansive coastal North Carolina base that is home to roughly 50,000 Marines. Detectives believe Laurean killed Lauterbach, who was 20 and eight months pregnant, on Dec. 14 after forcing her to remove money from her bank account.

Detectives have said Laurean left behind a note for his wife in which he denied killing Lauterbach but admitted to burying her remains. In the note, Laurean said Lauterbach committed suicide by cutting her own throat.

Authorities rejected the assertion, saying evidence indicates Lauterbach died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Lauterbach accused Laurean of rape last spring, a charge he denied and one that Naval investigators were unable to corroborate. Even though Lauterbach later told investigators she did not feel Laurean posed a danger or threat to her, the pair was separated on base. The Marines have said their regimental commander was intent on taking the case to a hearing that could have led to a trial.

According to WRAL in North Carolina, Cesar Laurean may have contacted the Onslow County Sheriff via email on March 30th about the possibility of surrendering. The sheriff received an email that purported to be from Cesar Laurean, who wanted to open a dialogue with the sheriff and arrange for his surrender. According to the email the sender wanted to know if they could arrange for immunity from a military trial and that he was afraid to go to Fort Leavenworth or a military chain gang. They have not verified if the email was from Laurean or not. It did appear to be sent from Mexico but misspelled Laurean’s last name.
After consulting with the district attorney Brown wrote that he could not ensure the sender immunity from military prosecution but that so far the military had let civilian authorities take the lead in the investigation.

America’s Most Wanted seems to have finally updated their page on Laurean as well. Found the link by way of Websleuths. The forums are a pretty good place to follow crimes like this. Some of the theories seem to be pretty sound, while others may be a bit out there. One that seems to be fairly popular over there is that Christina Laurean masterminded the whole thing. I am kind of ambivalent on that one. It’s entirely possible but I’m still not sure that was the case. The thing that makes it somewhat credible is the fact that he’s still proclaiming his love for Maria and it may be that Christina actually killed her or at least made him do it. She certainly helped clean up after the fact.

One of the ladies over at Websleuths posted this:

“Xtina and Cesar together had waged a war of harrasment and abuse towards Maria for a long long time. Recruiting their friends, including lower level superiors of the Marine Corp. All culminating in a final “eff you Maria” celebration BBQ. Xtina was in on the harrasment and abuse from day one. But that involvement suddenly stops the day Maria is murdered? I’m just not buying it.”

WTF? This is kind of out there. I haven’t seen any references or links that confirm this, just someone else’s opinion, although since 90% of the above is my opinion I guess it’s no better than hers. What facts do you have to show that Christina and Cesar were waging a war of harassment? That she had been harassed by other marines and her car keyed? It happens at corporations where the buddy buddy system is in place too. I wouldn’t exactly call that an escalating war though.

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  5. One of the reasons ‘those people’ who live on or near the border (such as me) want the wall is because we are tired of our citizens being murdered, running to mexico to avoid the death penalty when mexico has one of the strictest immigration policies in the freakin world. We are not allowed to buy land in mexico, because we are not mexican. We are not allowed to protest about the mexican gov’t in mexico, because we are not mexican. WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO DO SO HERE??? I’m freakin tired of it, and they’d better do something about it quickly. That’s all I have to say on that subject. Well, maybe just one more thing. When the war breaks out, and there will be a war because they’ve already said so, YOU will have to decide if you want california, arizona, new mexico, texas, colorado, oregon, washington, utah, etc. to remain states of the United States or not. I have no choice. This is my home, and I will fight for America. The day is coming, they are armed, they are training on our land, and you guys have no clue about any of this. THAT is really sad.
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