State of Texas a Danger to Children?

That’s what some of the folks in the FLDS claim, along with the fact that the great state of Texas has denied them their constitutional rights by taking their children based on an alleged crime that they still don’t have any proof of. Now some of the women are being forced to leave their children in the care of others and either return home without them or go to a state safe house. The mothers of all children five and older were separated from them on Monday. FLDS members say that the mothers returned to the compound but child protective services is saying that six women had gone to the safe house. They also moved the kids to a larger place, the San Angelo Coliseum. Cool, maybe they can practice being gladiators.

I am still torn on what I believe in this whole deal. I believe in the constitution and I don’t believe that messing with people, how they live or how they worship is a very cool thing to do. On the other hand, forcing children basically into sexual slavery is wrong. If the allegations are true for even say ten of the girls, does that make this whole thing wrong or is Texas right in what they did. What if the great state of Georgia decided that they didn’t like the way I swatted my five year old on the ass when she was throwing a fit and took her from me? They can, you know. DFACs and the equivalent agencies in other states somehow doesn’t seem to fall under the umbrella of things when it comes to their actions. They can force their way into your home with little or no provocation. I’ve seen it in action. For about eleven months one of the wife’s friends and her son lived with us. She was ‘seeing’ this dude over the Internet. It was pretty serious, as a matter of fact she married him and is living in Alaska right now. The thing is there was this other crazy bitch that liked him as well as she called DFACs making all sorts of allegations. They ended up coming to my house to interview her as well as her son and MY WIFE. Needless to say, the proverbial fucking honeymoon was over at that point. I don’t deal with drama. I live life on my own terms and that shit has no place in it. Had the DFACS investigator decided that there was some merit to those allegations she could have taken our friends son and even investigated us for anything they wanted. Assholes.
That’s the problem with the damned government anyway. Anytime anyone acting in the capacity of officialdom says they are doing something ‘for the children’ you’d better put on your waders cause the shit is going to be getting thick. They are full of it. Whether it be force feeding us the bullshit CRCT tests my kid is taking this month or protecting our children from running on the pavement (my child is only allowed to run on the pavement, not the mulch because they don’t want the kids to get splinters, how fucked up is that?) they are doing it to get more and more power. The dickwads.
Anyhow, Texas offers an update on the state of the children that have been removed from the compound. State Senator Robert Duncan speaks as well as a doctor.

Custody hearings start on Thursday for the 416 children. I am really interested in seeing how this battle progresses. The problem is that the folks in the FLDS feel that they are being prosecuted for their religion and compare themselves to the Jews and Nazis. The state (and the Federal government) feels like they are stopping child abuse. Where do you draw the line? I still don’t know. That’s one of the reasons I’ve written about this so many times lately. I just don’t know and my feelings on the matter go back and forth. My daughter is ten. If I were to find that an adult was sleeping with her three years from now I would very likely cut their fucking throat. It’s that wrong.
The FLDS does have a point though. Let’s say there aren’t the widespread cases of abuse going on that the state wants there to be. The mothers claim that the state of Texas is placing their children in even more danger by exposing them to things they would never have seen at the ranch and learning terrible things just from the questioning that they never would have heard.
A couple dozen of the adolescent boys have been moved into temporary foster care outside of the San Angelo area according to Child Protective Services. They are saying that it’s just the first of placements and that a judge did order it. Of course a judge ordered it, the question is who asked for the order? They are saying that the boys are remaining together though,which means that they are most likely in some kind of facility together.
Although this is a very serious constitutional issue that most likely won’t be decided any time soon, every time I hear or read anything about the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all I can think of is ‘Stepford Wives’.
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