Texas Judge Slaps Down on the Polygamists…

Maybe it wasn’t a surprise to some people, but it certainly surprised me since I haven’t been able to follow this the last few days. Judge Barbara Walther ruled that the over four hundred kids currently under state custody will remain in state custody. She also ordered DNA testing for all the children to determine who there parents are. Dayum.

There are sure to be at least a couple of appeals of the ruling and once the DNA testing is finished many of the separate cases will be back before the court. The DNA testing will also be used as evidence in the cases where children under sixteen are the mothers.

Police still haven’t located the girl that called but they are looking into a Colorado woman as a person of interest who may have done so as a hoax. It doesn’t really matter because it just means that any evidence found by the police because of those specific phone calls might have to be excluded. Probably not though since the officers were acting in good faith, which is what the fourth amendment is meant for.

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  1. once again it is the government who decides what is appropriate in
    lifestyle for america. Take away children from this community but leave children in place within crack houses. Makes sense to me.

  2. is there a reason why these women only pretend to be cyring.
    i see many scrunched up faces and actions of crying but i have yet to see tears rolling down anyones face or an eye full of water.
    this is strange.
    secondly, DO NOT send these children back.
    if you do you will never break this cycle of child rape, and incest.
    these women are being used purley as incubators to harvest fresh young bodies so that the men can feed their sickness at the expense of a child’s life.

  3. The police need to be outside Catholic churches next, taking the children into custody as they go to mass. There have been thousands of kids abused by catholic priests. Parents who take their children to mass are putting them at imminent risk of abuse.

  4. Yeah I think this whole case is a little scary. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s abuse going on then they should do all that they have to to get those kids out who are facing abuse. But I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea that they have to remove all these children because they don’t want them to be taught a philosophy that could lead to future abuse.
    That’s a very vague idea! I mean did you hear the psychologist? His problem was that these children were being taught that disobedience could lead to damnation! Pretty soon psychologists will be testifying about how Christians are dangerously teaching their children that they must “accept Christ” or that they’re teaching them to “believe in an invisible magic man in the sky.”
    This is a dangerous first step and to say it isn’t about religion is ridiculous. I agree with Marty. Next up are the catholics, and then pretty soon child services will come for the children of baptists and the methodists

  5. The woman who claimed to be an EMT in defiance of her husband’s wishes is being very deceiving. There are a hugely disproportionate number of EMT’s in the Colorado City/Hildale polygamist community. This is so if anything happens, they can take care of it themselves, keeping the “outsiders” from being able to come into their closed community, even in an emergency.

  6. Marty,
    Going by your logic all kids should be taken away from faters and men in general because most but not all molesters are male. Duh!
    Is anybody worried about how this was conducted on the flimsist “evidence”. Marty has a point, but if he wears a hat nobody will notice, they could use his logic to take the kids from parents at any house of worship, school, gated community or housing project, if there is one anonymous tip of abuse made, no matter how false. All the sheep would rise up and say, “We trampled the law, the Constitution, and your legal rights” becuase, “It was done for the sake of the children”. The Goverment feeds the media with propaganda and juicy bits of info and they, like the gossips they are, feed it to the sheep who gobble it up and pass it on with added emphasis. If there is abuse found there they should go went after the inividuals and proscute them with the full extent of the law. Yhat is how they should of done it in the first place, good evidence, defined targets, all the legal i’s dotted and t’s crossed.
    Remember next time it could be any one of us. For any “crime” at any time.

  7. There is no evidence. The transcripts of the court proceedings over the past 2 days state very clearly that there is no evidence that molestation took place. What there is, is “suspicion” that molestation took place. That is based on the understanding of the CPS investigator and a psychiatrist who’s had “some” conversations with one of the male members of the church. The primary witness (CPS Investigator) stated she has no proof. Part of her proof is that several 16 year old girls are pregnant. This is scary as hell to me. The latest news is that the government is going to force all of these people to submit to DNA tests in order to possibly link them in such a way as to prove that molestation occurred. What a witch hunt this is. How violated can one be to be told that their DNA MUST be submitted and they must prove the accusations are wrong in order to keep their children? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
    At this point, the absolute fact is that there is no evidence to substantiate the molestation claims. If there was then DNA tests wouldn’t be necessary.
    Walk into any school in America with 16 year olds and you’ll likely find that some of them are pregnant. Shouldn’t the entire student body then be taken away from their families? How about people who continue to live in neighborhoods after they’ve been told that a child molester lives near by. I received one of these notices from the police. I don’t like it but I can’t afford to move. So now should CPS confiscate my children because I’m putting them at risk? How is the general public going to defend themselves against CPS workers on a witch hunt?

  8. We see the pictures of the children.We see pictures of “crying” Mothers (I still have yet to see a real tear).Is there a reason the fathers have not stepped forward?Are they just afraid the real outrage will start when everyone sees a bunch of sick old men with these young women?Show us the faces of the daddies!!Why is there no concern shown by daddy?

  9. Sure there is Mary. If custody of your kids was in jeopardy then would you speak out? Everything you say will be used against you by the prosecution in order to remove your kids. Every word will be twisted, every statement taken out of context. That’s why lawyers tell their clients not to make public statements. Any statements by the families are suppressed out of fear. Another big problem with what’s happening. What better way to censor public opinion than the threat of taking away their own children.

  10. People are fooling themselves if they think JUST removing these children will accomplish something MAJOR. I am old enough to remember when Arizona raided the FLDS compound in Short Creek, Arizona in 1953. In that raid they took 400 people into custody – over 200 children. Some parents did not get their children back for 2 years.. some NEVER got their children back. What is important to remember from Short Creek is.. THEY WENT BACK!!! Many of the adults, the children went back after they were old enough to make the choice… THEY WENT BACK!!! Just taking them and farming them out accomplished little. People have to do it different this time to get a different result. Perhaps getting mainstream LDS (Mormons) would help.. they are close enough to understand, and close enough to help deprogram the children on where the FLDS splinted off. Just dumping them on “other” families did not help in 1953.. and it won’t help here.

  11. Child “protective” services is an oxymoron. My hsuband and I were going to adopt through one of the state adoption agencies (TX was one of them) several years ago. The entire national system had about 500,000 children in their care (I suspected then it was much more than that), with the most pathetically messed up group of kids imaginable. Most have some kind of disscoative disorder (gee, wonder why?), they are on mind or behavior altering drugs, or they have severe physical or congenital medical problems.
    The welfare system and social workers perpetuate their “profession” by rounding up relatively normal children and making them into emotional basket cases. If you foster parent or adopt a child, you are forced to make the child endure the ongoing harassment and emotional abuse of a psychologist who will refuse to let the new family take charge of the child and do what it feels is best, including finding a private psychologist or removing the child from this tortuous process when the family is making their own headway.
    The children in TX, protected from an unhealthy and immoral secular world will not fare well. Most will be so messed up or PREGNANT, raped, and otherwise abused by the time they emerge from “protective” care, that they will never lead normal lives.
    As for why the men are not coming forward, etc. -think about it. The mothers are catching enough grief and hostility from the media and TX courts system. The fathers and husbands know how the society at large will treat them, and since Constitutional rights do not seem to carry much weight in the late great state of TX, I am sure they expect to be arrested and jailed anytime as they were in the raid in 1953.
    The government should get out of the marriage defining business anyway. There are many forms of marriage that were once against the law bi-racial marriage, homosexual marriage and civil unions, and even common law marriages. Even “monogamous” marriage does not REALLy existin America. Most people have been married at least twice (including within the Church -all churches), and they have been involved in multiple sexual relationships- some producing children from multiple mothers and fathers.
    And yes, I defy anyone to find over 50% of girls over 13 in the US “pure” and “virginal”. If youthink so, then Ihave a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The state of TX is threatening to take away the children from the young mothers who are underage. However, who takes children away from the many unwed 15,16, and 17 year old girls among the general population – those who never married???
    There is a double standard and with hunt going on in TX. We all need to feel protected in our country and KNOW that the law applies to all, that we have rights enumerated in our Constitution, and when there is a LEGTIMATE reason for consfiscating life or property, it will be done on an individual basis and not jeopardize an entire group.
    Yep -Baptists could be next. Or fat people or chain smokers or meat-eaters or Hispanics or Democrats or Libertarians or ……. Better think about it before you say it is okay to do this to “cults”.
    If the judgein this case were truly “just”, the very least she could have done would have been to allow the children to go home and to remain in their parents’ custody. CPS could have “monitored” whether any of the young girls were marrying, and dealth with each individual situation.

  12. FLDS Children to Undergo DNA Testing Today

    More than 400 kids are supposed to undergo DNA testing today to help figure out whose kids they really are. The bottom line is that they are trying to find out which ones belong to statutory rape victims so they…

  13. Purely a witch hunt! The bastards at CPS are simply trying to pin anything they can find on FLDS out of pure prejudice towards the their belief system. This hysteria has gone way too far and NO one should ever be prosecuted without sufficient evidence and so far, I see nothing that proves real abuse took place.
    This bogus phone call should never have been cause for the raid that abducted women and children from their homes against their will and then ripped the kids away from their parents. This is the real crime because I believe these abducted people were much better off on the compound than in the custody of ruthless government officials.
    It is frightening to think of how much our government abuses it’s power. Gee, I guess if an ex girlfriend wanted revenge on me, all she would have to do is make a hoax phone call to the police and my family and I would have our home demolished by witch hunters! We need more oversight to protect the civil rights of innocent people, hands down.

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