I went to bed fairly early last night so I missed the news about the capture of Marine Corporal Cesar Laurean until just a few minutes ago. After having been on the run for three months, Mexican police have finally captured the fugitive according to the FBI.
When a Mexican reporter asked Laurean if he had killed Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach he replied that he loved her.

Cesar Laurean was arrested last night around 7 p.m. after he approached a roadblock set up by the local anti-kidnapping task force. When they asked him his name he gave his real one, which of course threw up a red flag once it was entered into a criminal database. The authorities are saying he was peaceful and surrendered with no resistance. He had apparently been sleeping in trees and surviving off their fruit. Laurean is thin and obviously has lost weight from being on the run.
According to Dewey Hudson, the district attorney for Onslow County North Carolina it might take up to two years to get him back if he chooses to fight extradition. Of course they are happy that he has been captured but Hudson said he was dissapointed that Laurean was captured in Mexico rather than America because now the death penalty has to be taken off the table.
Recently the FBI seized a computer belonging to Laurean’s sister-in-law. Apparently Christina Laurean was using it to communicate with Laurean through emails. They also seized her diary. According to the FBI Christina Laurean was still very much in love with Cesar Laurean but was also angry with him.
As long as she was not not trying to help him, it was not illegal for her to be communicating with Laurean as his wife.
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