Thanks For Nothing Greyhound!

So I got a letter from Greyhound Lines today. I guess I got it because I am the one that bought the original ticket. Back in January when the Marine had to return from leave he took Greyhound. In the process of leaving Atlanta the bus broke down, they wouldn’t let the passengers retrieve their luggage and they lost his. All of his uniforms and equipment. He flew out of North Carolina to Palm Springs California as he was being stationed in Twentynine Palms. If you’ve hear this part just skip on down. To make a long story short, after I emailed all of higher-ups at Greyhound someone found his luggage and they shipped it via UPS straight to the base. Of course that was a week later, after he had to spend $200 or so on enough uniforms just so he could report. You can’t exactly report in shorts and a t-shirt as they tend to from on that in the Marine Corps.

So the wife decided that he needed to be the one to pursue getting reimbursed for the expense he incurred when they lost his luggage. Not that it’s going to happen. It’s a bit too late now but the only way he would have gotten his money back is if I had pursued further.

I received a letter from Greyhound today:

Dear Mr Miles:

We appreciate you taking the time to notify us regarding the inconvenience you experienced while using our services. That’s one way to put it. We are never satisfied when a customer expresses a complaint or displeasure in our service. That’s most likely true, at least for management. Being in the service industry myself most of us do really care, it’s just that some people are able to execute their plans and service a little better than others.

At Greyhound Lines, Inc., we strive to achieve a high standard of customer satisfaction, and we rely on our customers to make us aware of those areas that need our attention. They still need your fucking attention. We can assure you the circumstances you have reported are being taken seriously and will be addressed. Obviously not or you wouldn’t have been so fucking cheap and might have actually taken care of it.

As a gesture of our commitment to you, enclosed is a travel voucher in the amount of $64.08. Slightly muted laughter is starting to rise from my chest as I read this piece of asswipe. This voucher is good for one year from the issue date and can be applied toward your next purchase of a Greyhound ticket or Package Express shipment. As if that’s likely to occur any time soon.

We hope you will not let this deter you from using our services (not quite so muted anymore) and trust you will give us another opportunity to prove we can be the most reliable and economical form of transportation to meet your needs.


Name Withheld.

It took me all of about five seconds for me to really rise to the occasion and come up with something that would show the world just how much I truly appreciate the concern for my son the United States Marine and the fact that he had to use every bit of money left to him to buy uniforms so that he would not get into trouble when he reported for his duty station. You’ll have to check out the video to see my true feelings.

There were some really helpful people that finally got his luggage to us and that we dealt with but they were like the 12th person(s) we talked with. The 11 prior were unhelpful and acted as if they didn’t have a clue.

Will I use Greyhound again anytime soon? I fucking won’t but it doesn’t mean I won’t pay for someone else’s ticket again, eventually. Just not this year or the next. Try Amtrak. Faster than the bus and much more fun than a stinky old bus full of losers anyway. I know that a lot of the Marines ride Greyhound but that’s because the damned airlines charge so fucking much. You used to be able to pay really low $$ to fly standby. If they would still do that then they might see more people flying.

4 throughts on "Thanks For Nothing Greyhound!"

  1. I can’t believe you pissed in a video…LMAO!!!!

    But Greyhound sucks ass. They should have given him a money order or cashiers check for the total amount he had to spend, not a fucking travel voucher.

  2. Hey, what childrens television show was playing in the background?

    You actually pissed! This is the closest I have ever felt to you!

    That sucker is going to clog some drain, seriously man!

    As a side note…………….. please fix Holder’s computer, or, for the love of everything wonderful, let her borrow yours to post from time to time.

  3. Yeah, I am still pretty pissed off about the whole thing. As if that’s going to fix things. Heck, the only reason he got his belongings when he did is because I looked up everyone’s email address from the CEO to the board of directors and sent them all nasty emails about their company.

    Becky, I almost dropped the damn thing in the toilet. Then I remembered the neck strap, that’s what the shaking was at the beginning. That and unzipping.

    Michelle, she is probably just going to have to get on mine now and then until I can get a new one up and running. I hate working on computers now, I have so little time. I was going to use my tax rebate to get her a laptop, but now it’s just going to cover some of what I owe 🙁

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