Hilton to Face Death Penalty in Florida

Gary Michael Hilton is going to be heading to Florida shortly. He is being extradited to Florida where he will be facing the death penalty in the decapitation of Cheryl Dunlap. That’s if he doesn’t appeal the extradition in which case it could take longer, but rest assured, he will be extradited.

Too bad decapitation is cruel and unusual punishment…

4 throughts on "Hilton to Face Death Penalty in Florida"

  1. Why do they always give out the middle name when its a vicious scumbag criminal? If they are referring to you with all three of your names, you are in trouble…

  2. That’s true. I made the same comment on here back in January when I started writing about Meredith Emerson. Bad guys and dead people. Sort of like when your mom is pissed at you. RICHARD HARRISON MILES what the hell were you thinking!? I always knew I was in trouble.

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