I love a good horror movie. No. really. I love them. Anything from the genre will suit me, from Hitchcock to King, even the old monster movies with Karloff and Price. It seems as if my oldest daughter has inherited the love of horror from me as well and although I enjoy watching the films with her I don’t think I will let her go with me to see Frontier(s).


Looks to be just a wee bit too gory for a ten-year-old. I am pretty psyched about it actually and although it may not be playing anywhere close to my house since it is getting a limited run starting May 9th and showing for only one week, the DVD release will be coming a week later.

Frontier(s) makes other movies look like kiddie shows. Judging from the trailers and clips I saw at the web site it’s going to be a pretty terrifying flick. If you aren’t into horror movies and the like, you may not want to see this one.

Uncut. Uncensored. Unrated.

Not too many movies make it to the theater without being rated. Frontier(s) was originally slapped with an NC17 rating for extreme sadistic gore and violence, so rather than cuttting it down to an “R” rating and losing some of what makes the movie so horrific they decided on the limited theatrical release followed shortly by the DVD. How many movies have you seen that look as if they might have been good had they not been cut up and the good parts removed? I know I’ve seen plenty of horror movies that just weren’t horrible. That’s because the movie creators allow their creations to be butchered just to get an “R” rating. Obviously by not doing this Frontier(s) has created a bit of a stir, but that’s all good, just means more people know about it.

If you want to check it out you can see the unrated trailer and several other clips over at the Frontier(s) web site and you can also watch the official theatrical trailer below…certainly not for the weak of stomach…

If you watched the trailer, what do you think? Wanna go check it out with me? 🙂

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3 throughts on "Frontier(s)"

  1. OH hell yeah I’d go watch it. My hubby hates hates hates horror movies, but I love them. The more gore the better. This looks to be awesome.

  2. Ok, you are the second person to mention this movie. I am skeered to watch the trailer! I grew up on horror flicks, but my anxiety level is much higher now that I’m an adult and know that monsters are real.

    I may try to suck it up and watch….or maybe not. Heh.

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