Age of pregnant FLDS 'girls' disputed

So the State of Texas has figured out that two of the girls that they have in custody that have given birth while in custody are actually adults.
One of the girls is 22 years old and said that she showed state officials a Utah birth certificate to prove it. They held her in custody anyway citing the fact that her long hair and no makeup made her look young. After she gave birth on Monday officials immediately took the child and are saying that even though it may be proved she is an adult (it now has) they will most likely keep the child in custody. I have bitched about DFACS (our local child services) for years and the fact that they don’t seem to have to follow the same laws as other government agencies. Since what they are doing is “for the children” they seem to be able to skirt around search warrants and other cool stuff like that.

She looked young? I know plenty of women that would kill to have that problem. How the fuck are they suppose to identify themselves and prove they are adults if the State of Texas ignores birth certificates and driver’s licenses as they did with Louisa Jessop, who was born in 1986. How else are you supposed to prove your age? Carbon dating is a bit hard on a person.
Just like the government to ignore facts to make something fit their story. Originally I was llfor getting these kids out of there but this has become a fucking boondoggle over the last six weeks that just highlights government intrusion and inefficiency. Why don’t you guys go catch some criminals and leave these people the fuck alone?
There are still 24 others that the state disputes are minors and if it turns out that they aren’t then that means the number of pregnant minors or minors with children in custody is around five or six. Oh by the way that number is lower than the state average of teen pregnancies, which is what you would expect from a close-knit religious community. It’s a bit hard to say they are doing something wrong if they have less teen pregnancies than your neighborhood.
I don’t agree with the FLDS or their policies of basically subjugating women and children to the will of their religious leaders but this is NOT an issue for the government to deal with. Perhaps they need to be a bit more worried about Joe Baron, a pastor from a church in the Dallas area that was arrested in a sting this week after he thought he was meeting a teenager after driving 200 miles. Of course he states that he wasn’t soliciting sex, he just wanted to buy her a coke…
With a condom in his pocket and a webcam in his car…
I always carry a condom when I take teenagers out for a coke…
Fucking dirtbag.

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