CPS = Baby Stealers?

A few days ago I posted about Pamela Jessop and what has happened with her since the FLDS Yearning for Zion Ranch was raided by Child Protective Services in cooperation with officers of the law. She’s the girl who recently had a hearing in which CPS admitted that they had incorrectly placed her in foster care.
According to Jessop they were completely aware of her age when they took her, particularly considering the fact that she showed them her birth certificate which they completely ignored.
She thinks that the only reason they did it was to get her baby and place it in foster care so that it would not be born on the FLDS ranch. Texas officials deny that she showed them any documents demonstrating that she was 18 and that she was also happy to remain in foster care since that would allow her to stay with her one-year-old son.
According to the story on CNN her attorneys are considering a federal lawsuit against Texas officials for violation her civil rights. They certainly have every reason to do so and as much as I hate the ACLU and would love to see the socialists disbanded they are bound to get involved.

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