A Nation of Pansies

What ever happened to men behaving like men and women behaving like women? I’m not talking about women’s lib or any other sexist claptrap. That’s not what I am referring to at all, it’s just the first thing that came to mind. What I am referring to is why aren’t humankind more kind? Why aren’t neighbors neighborly any more? Why are we a nation of fucking pussies that are more concerned with what we are comfortable with and not hurting other people’s feelings to the point where other people could be getting fucked in the ass right in front of us in the middle of the street and we would avert our eyes and those of our children because we aren’t “comfortable” with it rather than saying “hey dude, why the fuck are you fucking him up the ass? It don’t look like he’s enjoying it very much.”

Don’t believe me? Just ask Angel Torres in Hartford, Connecticut from the video below…

Never heard of Angel Torres? Me neither until today. He’s the retired fork-lift operator who went to buy a gallon of milk at the grocery store Friday afternoon and got hit by some jackass chasing another car in Hartford. That kind of stuff sucks but unfortunately it happens. We all hope it just doesn’t happen to us and that either we just have to read about it or that we are the ones that get to help out the victim. Therein lies the problem. Nobody could be bothered to help out Angel Torres and it wasn’t a case of people not noticing it or seeing him lying there in the middle of the street. It’s a bit hard to deny what a bunch of fucking scumbag pussies the people in Hartford are when it’s all on video.

I found a link to the story at CNN and according to what one witness, Bryant Hayre, told the Hartford Courant he didn’t feel comfortable helping Torres who was bleeding and conscious. Didn’t feel fucking comfortable? Mr Hayre, I’ve got to tell you, you are one of the biggest pussies I have read or heard about in quite some time not counting several million other liberal pussy fucking democrats of which I am now sure you must be one. Who the fuck else waits for the government to come help the dude that’s lying broken and bleeding on the street instead of rendering aid while you are waiting but the mommy mentality that has invaded our goddamn pussified feeling society. Clam up your fucking feelings for a couple of minutes and do some good helping out other people for a change. Probably a damned queer to boot.

We are all so worried about ‘feelings’ that sometimes we forget how to be human. I was holding the door open for this woman that looked like she could kick my ass the other day and she looked at me as if I had two fucking heads. I wanted so badly to tell her “heck lady, I hold the door for everyone, even dudes, so save your goddam lesbian men-hating looks for someone else and take your thunder thighs on inside the fucking building.” Then I realized she probably really would have kicked my ass so I just went on my merry way. It’s not about being a male chauvinist, it’s about being polite and while I will gladly admit to being in the club for male chauvinist pigs I will also gladly admit that there is plenty of shit that women can do even better than I can. I am very comfortable in admitting that but I also feel that being polite to others is a skill that some folks need to learn. Apparently they left politeness, friendliness and helpfulness out of the queer lesbian school of etiquette.

Oh, that’s right, that’s what the Boy Scouts teach. All I can say is that thank god I was a boy scout so I could learn something about being prepared, and that don’t include carrying around a tube of fucking KY, but I digress…

I ran across this second news report from the AP this morning (Friday). Apparently the son of Angel Torres is asking the general public for help in identifying the driver of the car that hit his father leaving him paralyzed.

I suppose I can go back to posting some Disney pics now…

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2 throughts on "A Nation of Pansies"

  1. …. for the record, I didn’t hit him…… and if I had, I would have pulled over…… but I wouldn’t have hit him because I would not have been driving like a pissed off idiot in the first place…..

    …. but also, he wasn’t exactly on a crosswalk, was he?….or even at a red light?…… kinda looks to me like he was giving a bit of the higgeldy piggly in crossing that busy stretch of road…….

    … there are rules for drivers AND pedestrians…….

  2. I saw this article when it hit the news. I can’t bring myself to watch the video, though. Hartford is a rough area, as I understand it. I hope they find the driver who hit Angel Torres.

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