Ted Stevens Indicted

Everyone’s favorite pork barrel U.S. Senator from Alaska; you know, they guy that wanted the bridge to nowhere, has been indicted on charges that he concealed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts and services from a company in Alaska.
Say it isn’t so
Veco is an energy company based out of Alaska and he has intervened before on their behalf in congress. Apparently they have done hundreds of thousands of $$$ worth of work to his house and he tried to conceal that fact. Naughty, naughty…

He has been charged with seven counts of making false statements on his Senate financial disclosure forms and he is denying the charges. According to Senator Stevens “I have never knowingly submitted a false disclosure form by law as a U.S. senator” And in other news monkeys are going to fly out of my ass any time…
Oh, by the way, the CEO of Veco pled guilty in 2007 to paying out more than $400,000 in payments to Alaskan officials according to the Department of Justice. As part of his plea he is cooperating with the DOJ.
If you will remember, I posted last year about the joint FBI and IRS raid on his home in which two oil company executives and a state lobbyist have later been charged.
Stevens is the longest serving Republican Senator and I think it’s about time to get his old ass out of the senate.

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