…think I’m gonna stuff the wife!

…when she’s dead I mean. The other can wait till lights out!

So we’re watching this show on National Geographic Channel about what people do with their pets when they are dead.

Fucking creepy I’ll tell you.

There’s this one chick who’s dog died so she had her dog stuffed and now it sits on the couch…

I figure if I outlive my wife (not fucking likely) I will have a taxidermist fix her up sitting on the couch with the remote. It’ll need to randomly change the channel every five minutes and then I would have to get a recording that says “get the fuck off the computer” to get it right…

So then they show this chick that’s a taxidermist. She has mounted (no pun intended) 40 of her pets over the last nine years. 40 pets? Christ, sounds like Jefferey Dahmer, doggy style.

She freezes the pets for a few years before she stuffs them. They showed her sticking one into the freezer. It was packed full of dead animals. I was just wondering if maybe her ex-husband was at the bottom of the pile somewhere.

When I think that I or anyone in my family is weird or freaky I need but turn the TV on or get on the Internet and read for about five minutes about some of the sick fucks out there to feel better.

Now they are talking about domesticated monkeys. There’s this place that takes monkeys that turn on their owners (they are wild animals after all). Fuck that. My dog mauls one of my children it’s not making it out of the house alive much less to some cage…

Some of theses folks they are showing that own wild animals are damned retards. They must have missed the day on infectious diseases and losing fingers.

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