Nick Di Pasquale Had His Brain Removed…

…and replaced with shit. That’s the only thing I can think that might have happened to cause this.

Apparently Mr. Pasquale, 39, had the bright idea to drag race Yaroslav Eankulich, 17. Normally this wouldn’t be big news. Two retards out of control. The only problem here is that Pasquale had his three-year-old daughter in the car. After wrecking the cars his daughter was life flighted to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to have various injuries treated.
Pasquale was also sent to the hospital (St. Mary Medical Center) where he has undergone surgery. I figure they had to cut him open to see if he had any gray cells left.

Police said the accident remains under investigation though there are no signs that alcohol or drugs were involved. Anyone who may have witnessed the accident is asked to call Middletown Ofc. Michael Lubold at 215-750-3800, extension 261.

Drugs? Who needs drugs when you are fucking severely retarded like this.

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2 throughts on "Nick Di Pasquale Had His Brain Removed…"

  1. This is just the media’s view on what happened. Supposedly, the 17 old was racing down the highway and the 39 year old was trying to get out of his way. That to me… seems more believable. You people will believe anything you hear, won’t you?

  2. Do you have some type of verification as to that, like links? I can certainly understand if that was the case and you are right, it does seem more believable. I would like to think that people take care of their children but the facts show a lot of them are too darned stupid or just don’t care.
    I haven’t done a search or any other research since I first posted this but maybe I should. Thanks for letting me know about it.
    Who exactly is ‘you people’ anyway?

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