Those Wacky Chinamen…

So how many of you folks actually think that holding the Olympic Games in China was a good idea now?

Let’s see…

1. For years now China has seriously oppressed the Chinese people economically, politically and religiously. The rioting and killing that took place relating to Tibet was a direct result of the way they have treated the folks there since they took back Tibet in 1951. Yeah, the Tibetans were rioting and killing folks so of course they had to crack down but you have to look at the deeper causes of it than a bunch of angry monks.

2. Two words. Tiananmen Square. According to the Chinese Red Cross somewhere between 2000-3000 people were killed in the government crackdown on the demonstrators. The 1989 protests are a forbidden topic in China. News of it completely disappeared from everything in China and people are not allowed to talk about it. Just this past week the Chinese police dragged Christians out of the square right in front of the media. Three Americans (of course we were the dumbass protesters) put on a protest on the edge of the square against religious repression as well as the abortionist policies that limit people to a single child. Now I don’t have any problem with the population control. Judging from some of the dumb fuckers over here we could do with a little control. If I believed in the government doing those sorts of things I would be all for it. Since I hate government intrusion I will just have to be satisfied knowing that many of them will be up for the Darwin awards in future years. I don’t particularly like Christian activists but they have every right to share their opinion. Anyway, to get back to the subject at hand, I think that a serious revolution akin to the French or Russian revolution is coming. It may take decades but China is going to burn from the inside if they aren’t careful.

3. Pollution is rampant in China. They are becoming an extremely industrialized nation and have little control over emissions and pollution there. All of the damned idiots that are always complaining about our country and the pollution need to take a long visit to several other countries including China to see what it’s like there. We have some of the strictest controls from the EPA of any country in the world.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the politics of China (I am assuming) but a Chinese man with a knife attacked an American couple in Beijing killing the man before jumping to his death off of the Drum Tower.

I’ve sort of lost my train of thought. I started out typing this prior to dinner and having eaten I am now brain dead. I went to bed around midnight last night and then was awakened by a call from one of my stores shortly after 1AM because they had an emergency and the manager wouldn’t answer the fucking phone. I got back up around 5AM and finally dragged myself in to work so the rest of the day has seemed a blur.

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