Casey Anthony to Make Bond…

Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been rearrested for writing bad checks.
Updated August 29th 5:33PM
Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday?
Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM
Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here.

Latest updates can be found here.

Update – August 20th 10:23 pm
Casey Anthony will be getting out of jail tomorrow. More info here.

Not yet but it’s apparently happening as soon as early next week. A bail bondsman from California that has ties to a company license to operate in Florida will be bailing Anthony out of jail on Monday or Tuesday if his plans go well.
Will Anthony lead the bail bondsman to little Caylee? Is the bondsman just in it for the reward or does he really think that Caylee is alive and that Casey isn’t full of shit? I really see this as a PR effort on the part of the bondsman Padilla but maybe I am just too cynical.
The Anthony family also has acquired a professional spokesperson, which should cut down seriously on the media gaffs by Caylee’s grandparents.
More information and current discussion is going on here.
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  16. Wouldn’t it be nice tho if the LE went to their home just 1 day before she thinks she’s going to get away with it (deadline rather) and has a warrant for caseys arrest and right when cindy starts screaming ,they say and we have one for cindy anthony as well and george for destroying evidence and alot of other stuff!!
    Sorry but i hope it happens!!

  17. There is no statute of limitations in Florida for a capital crime like murder and most other felonies the deadline is three or four years so even if she were to get off or have the charges dropped on the neglect and stuff they can always come back and charge her with something worse later if it turns out that Caylee is dead, which as long as it has been, seems more and more likely every day.

  18. OHHHHHH,i didnt know that,
    i thought this is it ya know,but anyway i dont see the spoiled little bitch will last long,no drink,no drugs, no friends,being watched 24×7, being around cindy constantly, wait till the arguments begin,i cant wait till it happens,living all together o hell,they’ll turn on one another and rurrro!!
    she has to wear a tracker,no bf,no parties and no sex,cant talk about it which is great for her,not like she wanted to anway and i wonder how long that guy will be living there,before she sneaks into his bedroom while granny and gramps are sleeping,
    im glad she got flogged by the media,b/c i bet she thought omg,these people just want Caylee back??
    the media hunter?? from Ca. said she only said “i need a shower” and cindy led her away,even if my daughter were kidnapped for benefit of a doubt lets say,I wouldve broke down and cammed
    over before i could have walked in to that house with Caylees pics,toys and stuff straight faced especially after 37 days and more especially since id killed her,i wonder what the family dog did??

  19. I wasnt going to add this here but i think i will afterall,im sure i’ve mentioned my husband here and what happened,and this place has alot of crimes posted,hope ya dont mind but it just goes to show ya to never give up even when you get so tired of fighting the justice system.
    the monster who murdered my husband in 2003 went to jail for 6 mo. in 2005 & got out on parole in 2005 skipped his parole 2 yrs ago,and today i learned where he is living & other info and he lives 2 miles from my daughter and grandson and i have been on the phone all morning since 10 am with everybody i could talk too,i got the call from Nashille at 3p:m & theyre on their way to get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the best of all is, Today was my husbands 48th birthday & tomorrow is/would be our 30th anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Richard,i don’t mind at all as long as you dont mind hearing it,its better to get the word out,thats what went wrong from the beginning when i had no idea the DA and police and everbody were telling us not to talk about it at all,for “our “sake!
    Yea,good one!
    But anyway he is the son of of the guy who owns Mcnabb farms in Morristown,TN as well as Barbeques all around Tn especially Cocke and Hamblem Co.
    His name is and believe it or not this is the very first time i have ever typed the name he is known as and certainly have never spoken it. “Earl”…. i just did!!
    His real name is Phillip E. Mcnabb,he is now 46 yrs old,My husband Johnny and i lived beside him & his ex-girlfriend but gf at the time and we could hear her scream and it tormented me about what to do but the girl always came back,when she went to work at the huddlehouse every morning she had blackeyes,bruises it was awful.
    Finally though she left for good and at this time our daughter and her husband and my new and only grandson came to stay with us because my husband got him a good job working with his crew in ironwork & they moved out into another trailer beside ours,this was a trailer park…..(i know) lol and our husbands stayed out of town sometimes 2-3 weeks at a time and i never thought a thing on earth about it but Johnny came to me one day & said “he was told our dtr and “e” were foolin around” and i immediately told him to shut up and never say anything like that again,it would hurt Stacy her husband, and break up her family & that i didnt believe it,i lived right next door and i didnt see it coming!
    Then the following weekend my daughter had her husbands belongings waiting at the door,and this is how i found out!!! I have so many what if’s!!
    And one thing about me is that i am honest,no matter what it costs me,but i don’t like to hurt others with the truth,id rather keep my mouth shut! but Stacy was the kind who wouldn’t party,drink or do drugs whatsoever and this much older man did & my daughter was 22 at the time and ofcourse showered her with attention till she moved in with him about a month later,from there pure hell every single day and i kept my grandson because to be honest i didnt trust him and i didnt trust her with him around my g-son,he at 2-3 yrs old started calling me mom,she’d scream at me,threaten to hit me,but my god i was the only one there??
    So ofcourse this monster begins to tell her its him or us,and he’d be the boss of my gbaby,my dtr kept bruises,busted lips,black eyes,you name it and she always went back,he tried to run over her and my gson with his car,tried to burn her eye out,broke a steel door down and a window to get inside when she locked the doors and this monster would leave in the night,middle of night whatever if he knew my husband was coming home,and then it got bad,real bad,my husband was due home one night from s.carolina and id went to check on my daughter and i walked inside and he grabbed a sawed off shotgun from behind the front door and he says ” Tell ye old man if he steps in my yard hes a dead muther fucker” I’m not a fighter but i barrowed this from my daddy!… & i am so ashamed but i never told him because i was scared my husband would go off & “e” knew i was to busy keeping trouble down to say that! my mother had just died too,my nerves were shot! he knew how to play it. I could make the hair stand on your head with the things that happened.and yes,my husband told him,if you lay one more hand on her again,i will kill you! and this was said in front of the officers
    the night he tried to run over her and my gson & the state cop said,i’ve got a dtr,i don’t blame you!!
    and a week later my husband fell from the roof and was disabled and “e” saw an opportunity to do whatever he wanted with my family & he took it!
    So basically thats the story,a small version though it may seem long to you…but thats where i stand when i think of cindy & george,casey…… and how the little ones we love have to live the life we give them no matter what it costs or does to them,It breaks my heart!!

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