New Jersey Kids Trapped in Georgia…

Two young sisters, Ashley and Sophia Evans have been trapped in the Republic of Georgia since Russia invaded the East European country last week. The children are 7 and 3 respectively. Their parents in New Jersey are trying to rescue them.

Joseph Evans of Howell and his Georgian-born wife, and Tea-h (TEE uh), have sought help from Rep. Christopher H. Smith in bringing Ashley and Sophia Evans, ages 7 and 3, home.
Reached by phone Thursday, Evans said he was able to speak with his daughters Thursday morning, but the family is still worried.
“Thank God the cell phones are still on and the electric is still on up there. They’re OK, but my daughter’s crying. She’s 7,” said Evans, an NJ Transit bus driver.
The children were on their annual summer vacation at their maternal grandparents’ farm in the western village of Chiatura. They were scheduled to fly home Aug. 26 from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.
When the fighting broke out, the Evanses decided to try and get the girls home as quickly as possible, but have not been able to get them to the airport or to nearby Armenia because the main routes are being blocked by Russian troops.
Evans said his in-laws tried to drive the girls to the Tbilisi on Tuesday but were turned back at the town of Gori by Russian soldiers.
“I’m scared,” Evans said. He said his wife “hit the floor” when they couldn’t reach the girls by phone over the weekend. “It was devastating,” he said.
Associated Press

The girls were on vacation at their grandparents farm in Georgia. The grandparents tried to get them out of the country but Russia has blocked the roads and turned them around. The brother-in-law lives here in the U.S. and is a former member of the Georgian military. He has gone to Georgia to try and bring the girls home.
Thus begs the question…Why the fuck would they want to go back to New Jersey (No offense to the guy with the great farookin’ hair intended)?
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  1. McCain may be closer but only because of his age. The last time anyone really had to deal with it was back in the ’80s. The folks over in Russia have always had a thing for their territory and it was only a matter of time before the started moving again. The gas is only part of it. Georgia IS part of Russia as far as the Muscovites are concerned.

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