Anthony may be released at any time…

Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been rearrested for writing bad checks.
Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM
Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here.

Latest updates can be found here.

Update – One of the bounty hunters, Robert Dick, is on FOX getting chewed out by one of the asshat reporters. The way the guy (Sheppard I think) is talking to him you would think he was accusing the Padilla crew of being in league with Casey in a cover-up. I guess this is the biggest thing since Natalee Holloway disappeared for some of the talking heads so they feel like they can act all indignant and be assholes. Lot of cooperation they will get from these guys if they keep up that fucked up attitude.

Also, Casey Anthony is not getting out today.
According to FOX Casey Anthony may be released at any time. What that means is they really don’t have a clue and it could be anytime between now and Wednesday.
Larry Garrison has also been speaking with them over the phone and confirmed what I had already thought. He approached the Anthonys and is working in an unpaid capacity as their spokesman. Since the Natalee Holloway case he says he has become passionate about missing kids.
More info later…

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