Casey Anthony at Home…

Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been rearrested for writing bad checks.
Updated August 29th 5:33PM
Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday?
Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM
Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here.

Latest updates can be found here.

As I tweeted earlier today, Casey Anthony was released from the county jail on $500,200 bond earlier this morning. It’s amazing how many people around the country are up in arms because she walked out of the jail. This is standard operating procedure here folks. Plenty of people awaiting trial on all types of offenses get bailed out and get ready for trial. Personally I don’t think she’s going to run anyway but my feelings don’t come into the matter anyway.
She went straight to her parent’s home where she is going to be monitored by an electronic ankle bracelet. For some reason the couple of news channels with video don’t agree with my browser Flock and so I haven’t seen the entire video of her leaving, although the one I caught over at Central Florida news made it look like the scene was going to get ugly for a minute. It looked like a scene from Brittany Spears’ front yard. They were pretty much mobbed by the assholes with the cameras and apparently Jose Baez, the attorney for Casey Anthony, shoved one of them and Central Florida News is reporting that someone possibly got hurt. Maybe they should have gotten the fuck out of the way…
Casey’s arraignment on charges of child neglect, making false statements and obstruction of an investigation was also today although Casey did not appear. A written plea of Not Guilty was entered and the first pretrial hearing has been set for November 5th followed by a trial date of November 17th.
In other semi-related news I came across a report over at the Criminal Report Daily on Greg Padilla, Leonard Padilla’s brother who also happens to be a bail bondsman. Apparently they live in the same area, and have the same avocation but have not had a single conversation with the other in a decade. Neither of them will comment on why they won’t talk to each other but Greg supports his brother’s decision to bail Casey Anthony out of jail and says it was the smart thing to do in order to find Caylee Anthony.

“Leonard can find anybody. He’s the best in the business,” Greg said. “You can’t hide from him. If he can talk to Casey Anthony, he will get enough information to find out what happened to Caylee. You have to keep in mind that we have a better chance than the police of getting information out of somebody. Most people clam up when they see a badge. They fear the police, whereas they can trust us.”

I haven’t been home very long but once I get the chance to read up on some links I may post more.
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8 throughts on "Casey Anthony at Home…"

  1. I am outraged that Casey is let out of jail. I am also outraged with Cindy Anthony’s comments and actions regarding this whole situation. Something stinks with this whole family!!!!!!!! Cindy knew damn well not to wash those pants she had discovered in the white ponitiac. I don’t beleive there is one honest person in this Anthony family. I am so sick of everyone tip-toeing around Casey–some really needs to crack her open and put an end to her ridiculous lies–I am not sure how her and her family can sit with this guilt of with- holding information on the where abouts of this poor little 3 yr old Caylee. This whole family really is starting to disgust America!

  2. Just got home so I haven’t checked out any ‘new’ news but as far as the rest, you are right on the money. She knew exactly what she was doing when she cleaned the clothes.

  3. Thank God there are those of us who still?? want justice for Caylee,that entire family is crazy as hell,as far as baez,well you can tell it runs in the company,he’s as bad as casey and the rest of the nuts,george was a homicide cop for yrs,and ill be honest eerytime i watch nancy grace and they say,he was a cop,it pisseses me off b/c it (for lack of a better phrase & no offense to anyone) makes it sound as though he has no experience with dead bodies after they both stated things smelled like dead bodies,its like we are to ignorant to notice,casey this, casey that,she’s a great mom,oh really then why were they trying to get custody and i know they were but nobodys admitting it and thats why she called 911 to begin with,that family didn’t deserve to have Caylee,even if she was kidnapped she’d be better off!!!!!!! I dont care what they say,all of them together and lee destroyed the evidence,a registered nurse and a retired homicide detective cleaned the evidence w/o knowing,LMAO Bullshit,
    Nobody can tell me that they didnt know while doing all that they didnt suspect casey,b/c for one if that car smelled like that and casey wouldnt tell them by saying,Caylees in danger,why the hell did they clean up the evidence b/c if you think about it if they really beleived her hell,im a gramma and a mom too,who of us normal people wouldn’t have called the police and have them come and get the car,b/c if they believed her wouldn’t they want the real kidnapper/murderer caught????
    They are the only 5 people who has forgotten Caylee!!!!!!

  4. Exactly Sarah and they are a disgrace to mothers and Grandparents,everywhere!!!.
    Actually they give trash a bad name!!

  5. Oh btw,the guy that stays in their home as a whatever?? what do you guys think about him??
    I’m sorry but every interview he does it looks to me like he’s terrified,he answers with one word if he can ,never moves his body ,his face,hands,never shows facial expressions at all good or bad and he looks like he’s stoned,have yall noticed that,and hell fire why would they have a younger dude with his own bedroom there,lets see,hmmmm casey has no friends left,no drugs,no beer,how long do you think it’ll be before she sneaks to his room??
    I’ll tell ya what id do,id have a wire!
    But that guy is strange,wonder what his wife thinks of this.Assuming he has one…..its just a screwed up situation.
    But they did come out of the woodwork ,who knows he don’t know them already? Just seems odd!!!! I mean is he gonna stay till shes jailed or free again,what??? I hope hes wired,LoL

  6. BEWARE of a wishy washy bailbondsman like you!
    “this is standard, personally I don’t think shes going to run away” What is YOUR PROBLEM? You don’t know your ass from a whole in the wall Padilla idiots!
    We do not know the facts of the case and this girl should be able to prepare for her court date and defense without dumbass Pidilla changing his pea brain. You are a dumb ass bailbondsman and can not be trusted. No one should hire you for anything. You are giving bailbondsmans a bad name.

  7. After having corresponded with Tony Padilla on websleuths for the last few days I think that Leonard Padilla really was concerned with just finding Caylee. Perhaps they went about it the wrong way but I think he had nothing but good intentions.

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