Monica Boggs Has a Mean Temper…

Updated September 5th 2008 – I had a couple of commenters stop by earlier today and Debbie let me know that apparently Monica was released from jail last week. I am looking around the web to see if I can find any updates on this story and will post them here.
OK, just found a story over at Journal-News.Net. Monica was released on $100,000 bail last Friday. She has also waived her right to a preliminary hearing which means it’s going to be bound over to the circuit court for possible indictment by a grand jury, which won’t convene until October. She possibly faces life in prison if convicted of murder and up to five years on the abuse charge.

This was just not cool
So who’s the little tyke up there? That would be Skylar and his mother Monica Boggs. Problem is Skylar’s dead now…
Apparently Monica lost her temper, threw the eight month old in his crib bouncing his head off of the side and then pitched his bottle in smacking him in the face.
Monica is currently being held at the Eastern Regional jail in West Virginia, charged with the murder of a child by a parent and child abuse resulting in injury.
As soon as I saw the story over at the Dreamin’ Demon I agreed wholeheartedly with them that the sum of her life can be found on her MySpace page. from her ‘about me’ blurb.

I have 2 dogs a german sheperd/collie mix named Rusty, hes been in da family 4 bout 8 years, he was hit by a car in 2005 n lost his front left leg, he gets along 4 da most part: a pitbull named Kimmerz, I got her in feb of 06, she had a litter of puppies on Dec 4th 07 by Rusty. I just had a baby boi Skylar Trigg on Dec 27th 07, he weighed 7 lbs 15.5 oz n he was 20 inches long. He is da most important thing in muh life right now besides da love of muh life muh fiancee Rob. I love him wif all muh heart n i wouldn’t want anybody else. Me n muh fiancee r tryin to find a place of our own to start a new chapter in our lives. Muh email address is or If u wanna kno anythin else contact me.

I wonder if she has access to email in jail and if she will answer?
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  1. Just letting everyone know that Monica Boggs was released from jail last week. I am so upset over this! Something is wrong here! I do not know her or the family but I only live a couple miles from where this happened and if I ever see her I will be going to jail. I love children and this should of never happened! I think that the grandmother that lived in the home and anyone else that lived there should be charged with murder too. For someone had to know about her temper and i’m sure someone seen how she treated Skylar. To baby Skylar, I never knew you but I love you, you will never hurt again, you are a angel now!

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