Blogs for Borders Video Blogburst

our weekly vlog — podcast on illegal immigration and border security issues. In this weeks edition…
You Do The Math: Is the ID theft associated with illegal immigration really a ‘victimless crime?’ We investigate.
Welcome to post America: LA slides further into the abyss.
100% Preventable! Americans continue to pay the bloody price for open borders, when will the madness end?

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This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you’d like to join find out how right here.

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2 throughts on "Blogs for Borders Video Blogburst"

  1. Why is it that no one in Congress or the WH ever see these things? Or do they, and they just don’t care? This is dispicable (sp?). Thanks for posting this.

  2. I think that they do and just don’t care because we are one of the ‘fringe’ groups. I think I would rather be a crazy in a fringe group than to give in.

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