Casey is not Concerned?

ht_caylee_080717_mn.jpgUpdated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been rearrested for writing bad checks.
Updated August 29th 5:33PM
Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday?
Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM
Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here.

Update – August 26th 2008 10:25 PM
I mentioned this morning that I would try and update the story this afternoon. No major news right now although one of the stories that is being picked up right now is that bounty hunter Leonard Padilla shoved the singer for a rock band outside of the Anthony house.
Shoved the singer for a band?
Well, apparently this local band in Orlando decided to write a song for Casey. The band is Biteboy and the title of the song is “Casey’s Song (Wine Sick Mind)”. Some of the lyrics include:

So don’t bring me your pain You’re the only one to blame You’re the only one to blame You’re stuck on the outside Got nowhere left to hide

The problem is that the band set up on a flatbed trailer and were playing the song outside of the Anthony’s house. Artists typically express all sorts of different stuff that is going on in song but I think the fact that they were playing it outside of the Anthony’s house was in extremely poor taste and shows what a bunch of assholes they are. So Padilla was trying to run them off and at one point he hit the mic stand which cut the singer. According to the Orlando Sentinel Rick Namey wants to file a complaint against Padilla. Apparently someone caught the incident on video an it’s up on YouTube.

Is it just me or did the little douchebag give Padilla the finger right before he swatted the mic? Not that it’s any excuse but I could see where he might get pissed off. look close and see if you can see it.
Also, the Sentinel has released all of the Discovery documentation. I have embedded it below. If for some reason the embedded document doesn’t work you can download the whole PDF here, but be aware that it is very large, all 431 pages are included.

anthony_docs – Get more Legal Forms

Update – August 26th 2008 5:31 AM
So the latest news of course is that the Orlando Sentinel made a public records request to the prosecutors in the Casey Anthony child neglect case and received 431 pages of documents which include MySpace postings, comments, interviews with detectives as well as interviews that the detectives made with her friends and family.
There really isn’t anything new in the documentation that they have released but there is a lot of stuff that clears up some supposition on the parts of journalists and other folks out there. It also doesn’t make Casey look any better. It seems as though the Sentinel is going to cull through the stuff and doll it out piece by piece.
There is one key piece of information that might or might not be relevant and that is the fact that Casey wanted to give up Caylee for adoption but her mother insisted that she keep the baby. If this were anything else that would just be a moot piece of info but it certainly tends to give credence to the neglect charge.
Another one is the message that Cindy Anthony posted on her MySpace page on July 3rd, two weeks before Caylee was reported missing.

This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love…Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her…

Again, taken by itself it’s nothing but the lament of a grandmother who is not able to see her granddaughter, but in context with the rest of what was apparently going on it could be damning.
Jesse Grund, Casey’s ex-boyfriend also stated that Casey had deleted over 200 photos of her and her daughter that had been online. There is nothing in the article to corroborate that but since the records from MySpace are included one has to make the assumption that it’s true. Again, nothing by itself but a key piece of circumstantial evidence.
I made the comment in the post yesterday (below) that the fact Casey Anthony didn’t seem to be worried might also indicate the fact that she is a sociopath. I have also seen that term bandied around on several different websites as well. According to some of the documentation released Cindy Anthony also referred to her daughter as a mooch and a sociopath.
I have a bunch more reading to do this afternoon and will try and update this a bit more then.

I hadn’t planned on writing anymore about the search for Caylee Anthony or about her mother Casey either, at least not today but I have received links to three different stories today and it really pissed me off.
First off is the one over at the Orlando Sentinel, which I have been checking on a daily basis lately. The story starts off by talking about the fact that although 50+ supporters gathered outside of their house last night for a candlelight vigil Casey didn’t join them for her safety.
It goes on to talk about the supposed deadline that Leonard Padilla has given to whoever has Caylee Anthony. Five days and then he comes looking. Five days? You’ve already been there over a week, get the fucking lead out of your ass and help the police already. Anyway, he goes on to talk about the fact that he thinks one of Casey’s friends or a relative of theirs must have little Caylee because Casey does not seem concerned.

Padilla said he doesn’t think Casey Anthony dropped her daughter off with a baby-sitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, as she first told police.
Instead, he said, he thinks Casey Anthony left Caylee in the care of friends — perhaps her boyfriend’s relatives or others — while she was “in the process of re-establishing herself and her daughter.”
“I think what she was trying to do was break away from her parents’ home,” Padilla said.
Padilla admits his theory is speculation, saying he has had no contact with law enforcement and can base his theory only on what he’s seen.
But he notes that law-enforcement authorities have not issued an Amber Alert for the little girl — which he says could indicate she wasn’t taken by a stranger.
Casey Anthony’s demeanor also leads him to think Caylee is safe.
“She’s not concerned,” he said. “You’ve seen her. Her demeanor is that of a parent who knows her child is safe.” (emphasis mine)

So Leonard Padilla thinks that Casey is letting someone she trusts watch Caylee Anthony so she can move out of her parent’s house. Someone that must be willing to risk a kidnapping felony. Must be a good fucking friend. I have a lot of friends but I don’t think I have a single one that would hide my children while police think that the child is dead. Hell, that’s risking getting your head blown off by a jumpy cop.
WFLA 540AM in Orlando has a report up and it quotes Padilla as well.

ORLANDO — “She’s not concerned,” Leonard Padilla said. Padilla flew from California to help Casey Anthony, the only ‘person of interest’ in her daughters disappearance, bail out of jail. He helped post the $500 thousand dollar bond on Wednesday night. She walked out of jail on Thursday.
Now that Casey Anthony has been released from jail on bond, her family is asking the media to finally leave them alone. Three-year-old Caylee Anthony had been missing for weeks before she was reported gone. The fact that she was missing finally came to light when her grandparents, Casey’s parents, called the police because they had not seen the girl.
Padilla says he believes the girl is still alive and that she is with Casey’s friends. He says Casey’s demeanor is not one that seems to think her daughter is not safe. He says he will give them five days to find the child before he acts on any leads.

Girls Gab is also talking about the story and basically repeating the same things I read at the other two sites. I just happened on it and figured I would post the link.
Now I am pissed.
“She’s Not Concerned”?
“Her demeanor is that of a parent who knows her child is safe”?
What the fuck is up with these people?
Her demeanor is that of a parent who knows her child is safe…
Her demeanor is also that of a sociopath who just doesn’t give a flying rats turd about what happens.
Sociopath or unworried parent? I guess only time will tell and I hope to god I’m wrong about this.
It’s time to go pick up my own kids from school because I know where they are and as a parent it’s my responsibility to make sure that I always do.
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19 throughts on "Casey is not Concerned?"

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  11. Actually he said on N/G last night if he had read this first he would’ve never bonded her out,
    I still say he did for publicity but now that he cant speak to her himself he wants not taking sides,i am only saying atleast he looks doubtful now,one more who aint buying caseys crap,that to me looks good b/c aint to many standing on caseys side!

  12. OK given that Cindy Anthony reportedly called her daughter a sociopath and warned a freind about her, and given what she said in her “My Space”, does anyone think maybe she really does get it, and is playing along with supporting Casey as the only means she has of ever seeing Caylee again in the remote chance that she is alive and was sold or given to someone else? And where the heck is brother Lee?

  13. I agree with you totally. if I weren’t concerned about little Caylee I wouldn’t continue to follow the story. I’m glad that everyine is seeing the truth about Casey now. I have a stepdaughter who was very much like her when she was younger and I really feel for Casey’s parents and for Caylee. yes, I do agree that Cindy is playing along with Casey, because she doesn’t see any other way that she may see her granddaughter again.

  14. My heart is broken for the the grandparents after hearing the news on NG tonight. I hope that Tony Padilla will revoke the bond and Casy will go right back to jail, I, also, hope that Casey will not get limited immunity. I agree with NG. I’ll pray for justice for Caylee now.

  15. My heart sank when I heard the news. Even with the assumption that she was dead I still had a glimmer of hope that the little girl was still alive somewhere and might be found but with this…
    I am also hoping that the Padillas will revoke the bond and go home. Media hound and all Leonard was so sure that the girl was still alive. This has really got to piss those guys off as well.

  16. You know it does richard,
    and Leonard got caught up im sure in hoping too,its funny how we all knew there was no hope but at the same time we prayed there was and all of a sudden the life was just jerked out of us and i can honestly say and mean it with all my heart
    that the 2nd i heard the test results the entire world stood still and i cried all day long,so you see how its touched all of us,i have been caught up in like emotions with others,stacy,lacy,jon benet’ and though its hard to admit this one i dont know why has totally shattered me.
    i have like 8 feeds from forums and all day yesterday they were empty and i can see why,i was so devastated that i couldn’t even post so i know thats what was wrong with everyone else too.I pray to god he revokes that bond and now there are only 3 left who believe that BITCH.grrrrrrr..and one who gets paid to.for some reason i dont even wanna type her name in the same post as Caylees and if i ever do and you see her name with a cap C it was purely accidental,never!!!
    I’m sorry if i upset anyone i am,but this is so devastating and now as of yeterday Richard,it actually tells us that that family has lied, helped,fed,put a roof over the head of a child murderer and asked for commisary money so she could eat in jail???????and expected we do to ,and hate us because we didnt buy the story,cindy said,we’d all owe c$#%^ an apology,no by hell,she owes the world one for using le,public,media,all who helped when THEY DIDNT!!!!!!!!!!
    she doesn’t deserve to breathe the air we do..and all for what,so she can party,and i’ll be honest Richard,you know a few things about me and i had managed to gain a little respect back that id lost for the justice system,but ill tell you this,if they give her a deal i swear ive lost it for good,i have to agree with N/G on this one….they have enough to convict her,hell any damn jury would now.and im sick of em giving her ideas…like tell us it was an accident?? Great,just write the story for her??
    It was no accident,she wanted to go to puerto rico with her friends and b/c cindy made her keep caylee she flew off and no doubt hurt her bad and covered it up.and then tells this one guy,maybe ill get drunk and tell you about it someday…….OMG.
    I do appreciate all who’ve listened to me rant and all the people who stayed on this story for Caylee,even after being treated like crap sometimes by supporters of that Bitch!!
    Now lets all hope and pray to God she gets her just!!!!!!!!
    And i really do hold alot against cindy and george and lee,but too now it makes sence that cindy has all these regrets and didnt want to believe it happened the one time she put her foot down and made the bitch take caylee with her,id say she blames herself BUT all the more reason not to help her!!! Let her fall!!!!!!! If they continue to help now,hell no throw the book at all of them!!!!!!!
    and i id learn from my husbands murder that there really is a reason for everything that happens in our lives though we can’t see it at the time,like my husbands life was taken and i do know now that as much as it hurt and god i loved him but i if he hadnt gave his life that ay it wouldve no doubt whatsoever have been my daughter and grandson and i know her dad wouldve done it again!!!
    Hugs and thanks for listening.

  17. Caylee Anthony May Have Been Killed…

    Updated August 29th 5:33PM Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday? Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here. … Latest updates can…

  18. i am truely inspired by this site. i read through the 400+ transcripts and the only lead i could get from this was Kristina Chester her supposed “best friend” gave a sworn statement that she had indeed been with caylee and her bitch of a mother on june 12,13. But according to her myspace page, where that bitch left her a comment on the 20th of june saying:”hey girl. Long time, What this i hear about canada?”
    Kristina had taken a family trip to canada, and im positive that if she had seen caylee and her mom as she says she did, she would have told her about her family trip on their long walk in the park, or when they were in their home. obviously she didnt see them because the mom then later (7 days) said it had been a long time. Do i smell another liar?

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