Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Casey’s Bond has definitely been revoked. Details lower in the entry or click here.
I had to run in to work for shift change and while there I received an email that Casey has been arrested. I don’t have any details but will be updating this post as I get confirmation. Orange County deputies are holding a press conference right now as well according to Central Florida News13 so if you get that station you can check it out.
9:52PM – According to the Orlando Sentinel Orange County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the Anthony House around 8:30PM and came back out about three minutes later with Casey Anthony in handcuffs. So far we don’t know what the charges are, although I would imagine murder.
10:59PM – Remember those people I was bitching about earlier? Apparently a couple of dozen showed up at the house tonight. The Sentinel has that story:

More than two dozen people tonight are milling around Hopespring Drive outside the home of Casey Anthony — the mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee Marie.
Some started yelling at the house. One woman who identified herself as Kittie Gonzalez walked by the house chanting “Casey is a murderer! She needs to go back to jail!”
Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy, came outside and spoke to Gonzalez for several minutes. As reporter swarmed the two, Anthony invited Gonzalez inside to sit down and talk. She asked her to calm down so her blood pressure would not rise.
Gonzalez asked Cindy Anthony if she asked her daughter where Caylee is located.
“Yes and she doesn’t know,” Cindy Anthony replied.
Other people began yelling at Anthony and eventually she went back inside.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. There were even nicer people there,

Two women in a Ford Explorer drove by with “Rot in jail Casey Anthony” written on the window.
Two teenagers and a 23-year-old from Christmas showed up carrying signs that read “Casey Anthony is a baby murderer and Rot in Jail” and “Who is the bigger liar? Cindy Anthony or Killer Casey? May God have mercy on you. God knows the truth and so does detectives. Baby killer!”
“She deserves to go in jail,” said Ashley Griffin, 23, as she stood on the sidewalk in front of the Anthony house.
James Harris, 15, who was there with his sister and mother, agreed.
“The baby is dead,” he said.
Harris’s mother, Cathy, said they plan to be out there every night at 7 p.m.
She was there when members of Texas-based EquuSearch, a group of volunteers that help search for missing people, arrived in and went inside the house.
When Cindy Anthony opened the door for the volunteers, Cathy Harris yelled “liar!”

These people just need to get a life or something…
10:02PM CFNews 13 says she has been arrested on an economic violation. WTF does that mean?
10:04PM I think I’m going outside for a smoke, maybe I can find some video by the time I get back in πŸ™
10:10PM Still haven’t had that smoke yet:

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) –Casey Anthony the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, is back in law enforcement custody.
The arrest Friday night took place just after 8:30 pm from her parent’s home in East Orange County and happened as a large crowd of protesters on the street in front of the home. Casey Anthony was led from the home in handcuffs amid cheers from those gathered outside.
She was then placed in an unmarked Sheriffs Office car and whisked from the scene.
The Sheriffs Office said that the charges were fraud charges related to economic and not due to her daughters disappearance.

It sounds to me as if someone in the sheriff’s office decided that the crowd was going to get ugly and turn into a lynch mob. With Casey in jail they damn sure can’t hang her. I think I made that point earlier when I was raising hell about the assholes hanging out in front of the Anthony home.
10:13PM It was for writing bad checks. She’s accused of stealing more than $600 from a friend (that would be Amy). I was wondering if charges would ever be filed on that. Her bond is $3000 but considering the ugly crowd in the area right now they may just leave her in jail to cool her heels.
10:35PM has to take a little break there. RePete, the five-year-old got stung by a wasp or maybe bit by a spider, not sure. Had to get the wife to find the benadryl, now she’s hanging out with me so I can keep an eye on her.
10:45PM – Jose Baez is claiming that it’s an attempt to rattle his client and was designed to put Casey Anthony in the worst possible light in front of the media. I honestly think that they did it to protect her from what has been shaping up to be a lynch mob myself. Contrary to what defense attorneys like Baez think law enforcement generally wants to protect us, even when the ‘us’ is a piece of crap like Casey Anthony.
11:15PM – Other than discussions on the boards I think that’s all the news we are going to get tonight. I have to get up in five hours so I’m hitting the sack. Until tomorrow then…
August 30th 5:55AM I found some video of the arrest from the AP. Listen to the fools screaming in it when she is taken from the house. Damn, that’s creepy. If it doesn’t sound like a lynch mob I don’t know what does and regardless of the charges I think the timing was set up as it was to protect her over the three day weekend.

This gives law enforcement a bit of time to shore up their case and also gives Texas EquuSearch some breathing room in which to hopefully find Caylee. I’m sure that they could go ahead and charge her but the evidence isn’t solid enough to 100% guarantee a conviction and if she’s found not guilty she can’t be retried for the crime. The police are better off biding their time and holding her on these petty charges until they can get enough evidence that she killed her daughter. I’ll post more Caylee Anthony updates as I get them. Have to head in to work until 2PM so if I do send any updates out it will be through Twitter and will show up here as well, but on the main page.
August 30th 3:10PM – Nicole, in some of the other comments, clued me into the fact that Leonard Padilla and the group from California had decided to revoke Casey Anthony’s bond, so she is in jail indefinitely. She won’t go to court until November on the current charges so unless Caylee is found alive between now and then (which ain’t gonna happen) she’s stuck there. Probably the best place for her right now.
Padilla revoked the bond early this morning.
In addition to the $500,200 bond that she now has (once again) she is currently charged with Uttering a Forged Instrument, Fraudulent use of Personal Information and Petty Theft. She did see a judge on those charges this afternoon and bail is another $3,000 which is standard for those charges so in order to get out again she needs to come up with $503,200. And monkeys are gonna fly out of my butt.
One thing I noticed when I stopped by the FOX mobile webcam thing is that the RV is either gone or has been moved to a different location. I guess since they rescinded Casey’s bond the Anthonys don’t want them parked out front anymore πŸ™‚
3:45PM OK, I found out over at Websleuths that Padilla has been gone since about 2:30 this morning. Someone made the comment that either he might be going back home or to Massachusetts. Only thing I know of up north that he might be interested in would be Giovanni Gonzalez.
7:59PM Sprocket sent me a link to this Youtube video of Cindy doing an interview with the Today show…

As I mentioned in the comments below to Sprocket (who posts a lot about crime and criminals including the hunt for Caylee Anthony) he is right on the money about her drinking the Kool-aid. I do know one thing though, those folks outside of her house were just WAY out of hand.
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