Rockefeller in Police Custody

(NECN/ABC) – A Massachusetts father accused of kidnapping his seven year old daughter is in police custody this weekend.
Clark Rockefeller was arrested by FBI agents in Maryland on Saturday.
His daughter, Reigh was also found safe and will be returned to her mother.
ABC News reporter Sharyn Alfonsi has more on the story from Maryland.

I just came across the news report over at NECN a few minutes ago.
Clark Rockefeller kidnapped his seven-year-old daughter during a supervised visit last Sunday. His first visit as a matter of fact. Sandra Boss, Reigh’s mother lives in London and has full custody of her daughter. The visitation was ordered to be supervised as part of the custody battle because she felt that he might try and abscond with his daughter. Obviously the mother was right about that one.

Police received an anonymous tip that he was keeping the girl in an apartment in Baltimore as well as a catamaran at a marina near the area. They tricked him into leaving the apartment by calling Rockefeller and told him his boat was taking on water. As soon as he left the building the FBI arrested him and found the daughter in the apartment.
Clark Rockefeller now faces charges of Felony Custodial Kidnapping and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

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