Gary Michael Hilton Appeals Indictment

So that scumbag that killed Meredith Emerson among others is in the news again. Apparently attorneys for Gary Hilton in Florida filed three motions appealing his indictment for the murder of Cheryl Dunlap based on the fact that they say he didn’t get proper representation in the extradition hearings in Georgia.
Judge Terry Lewis said that he needs to appeal that in Georgia and has no bearings on the charges he faces in Florida. The judge also denied a request to interview grand jurors in the case who the defense is arguing were tainted by extensive media coverage.
He’s already serving a life sentence in the murder of Meredith Emerson, maybe the fine folks in the sunshine state can see fit to fry his ass and get him off of my damned taxes the sumbitch.
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2 throughts on "Gary Michael Hilton Appeals Indictment"

  1. I don’t understand the reason behind appealing the indictment for Dunlap if Hilton is already serving a lift sentence. Is the goal that he only serves one life sentence (for Emerson) instead of two? It’s one thing to appeal a lone indictment to get away from jail time…but if he’s already in for life, why bother trying to avoid a second life sentence???

  2. IIRC the Union County (Georgia) DA had to promise NOT to seek the death penalty in order to get Hilton to take police to Meredith Emerson’s body. The Florida authorities are under no such deal so they can seek the death penalty in trial. I guess to Hilton life in prison is preferable to being executed and any kind of appeals his lawyers can throw out just delay things further.

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