More On Caylee's Troubled, Disfunctional Family

Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
I found this kind of interesting. According to WFTV-9 anchor Barbara West the Anthonys now have an agent. Their attorney Mark NeJame says that’s not true however. Hmmm, so which is it?
George and Cindy Anthony will be on 20/20 tonight, Casey Anthony is not interviewed for the show. According to ABC they didn’t pay the grandparents as it’s against their policy to pay people for interviews. They did pay for the licensing of the photographs and home video shown in the report but according to Mark NeJame the family didn’t receive any money. I’m assuming that they either donated it or maybe Mr NeJame got in in lue of payment from the Anthonys. Licensing stuff like that is apparently pretty standard practice.
I stopped by Scared Monkeys this afternoon and came across this entry which is reporting that several financial deals have been struck with the Anthonys in regards to the case. They say that ‘sources’ close to the case are suggesting that ABC has agreed to pay $1 million to the Anthonys for exclusive interviews to discuss Caylee’s disappearance. I don’t find that very likely but you never know. They also shared the news that a book and movie deal has been made with a Nashville, Tennessee production company. That seems more likely. I can understand that the family might need help since obviously nobody is working but if they profit off of this it makes them all fucking scumbag criminals in my eyes.
The president of the Homeowener’s Association in the neighborhood where the Anthonys live towed away their billboard featuring Caylee’s picture that was set up out front citing that it was blocking the sidewalk. That’s pretty fucking cold. Regardless of what they know or don’t know that’s just not cool.
I was in a pretty foul mood for a few minutes after I got home. Maybe it’s because I’m on my second week straight at work. I went over to Cafepress and designed a T-Shirt that said “Where’s Caylee’s Corpse” and was going to donate any proceeds to Texas EquuSearch but after deciding that it was in pretty fucking poor taste I deleted the design. Maybe one of you other folks is even less sensitive than I and will run with it…Let me know how it works out.
The protesters are at it again. Apparently an angry mod formed outside of the Anthony’s house last night after they found out Casey was getting out of jail. Hopefully that crap won’t get out of hand but I have the feeling that it’s going to get ugly before too long if the police don’t keep a presence there.
I’m going to have to do some more research but according to this website the ANTHONYS had to sign a promissory note when she was bailed out of jail. If that is true so much for the anonymous benefactor. Local 6 is also reporting that they signed a promissory note to get her bonded out.
Although Leonard Padilla had offered to bond her out again provided she told police where Caylee was and what happened Jose Baez released this statement:

Though Jose Baez and his client appreciate what Mr. Padilla initially did, his latter unjustified retreat has clearly demonstrated he cannot be trusted. Mr. Baez, nor Ms. Anthony will work with Leonard Padilla ever again on their case. Mr. Padilla is simply milking media time under the pretense of reposting bond and that offer is rejected

The search for Caylee is ongoing and David Lohr, a well known crime writer joined in the search. He’s reporting it over at the Criminal Report Daily. I generally visit over there every couple of days or so. The team he was with made a couple of discoveries today but it’s up to law enforcement to determine if either (or neither) is related to the investigation. The first was a couple of plastic bottles, bleach and ammonia and the second one was a child’s book bag, blue with a pink heart on it. He’s got pictures up and a description of the search at his site. Go check it out if you have the time. He is also reporting that it is AIM Productions that has offered the Anthonys the movie/book deal.
The TV Guy compares this to the OJ Simpson Case. He’s actually got a pretty good point.
The Anthonys and/or their lawyer (I don’t know which) have also released another home video of Caylee and Casey, I think to try and soften her image from the scum-sucking sack of shit party girl that she allegedly appears to be. Here’s the video.

I received another email from yet another psychic coming out of the woodwork today and figured I would post it here. I certainly don’t believe it and wasn’t going to post it but what the hell:

First I want anyone reading this to keep an open mind. Read I. Corinthians Chapters 12 through 20, which are in the NEW TESTAMENT, reinstating gifts from of older days.
There are clairvoyants that live about us, thought one of ten are the real deal (meaning 9 of the ten are fakes).
I have lead authorities to over 63 bodies, some of them alive.
I believe they have not found her body is because of decompensation and “animal” feeding — Caylee was little. So the sear party should look for bones of her size – meaning the authorities that the pictures of the bones should be the size that Caylee had.
I remain “unknown to all, though you do have my email address when this is seen. Anyone is welcome to write to my email address and I will do my best to find time for you at no charge. I am a clairvoyant since age 8 (when noticed) and I am now 45. The first time I saw the segment Caylee I saw her in spirit. In I. Corinthians that is called the gift of “discernment of spirit.”
I would love to say she is alive, and I can tell you that she IS alive in the most glorious place of peace where she will never again feel pain.
The five areas marked, the mountain or hill tops should be avoided. Her mother put her near ferns, perhaps about 20 feet from a 15″ diameter pipe. She placed her in a lower area because people could see up on the hills.
Unfortunately, at this time I feel we will not see Caylee in tact. Animals are scavengers. However Caylee lives on in spirit and looks over her family and is trying to help people find her body so they can at least come to terms with what really happened.
Either the TOP marked area where her cell phone was traced, or the third area down near an airport base are the first two I would look for bones — perhaps even some of decomposed body, but I don’t see much of her on earth except bones; however, she is thriving in HEAVEN where NO ONE CAN HURT HER AGAIN.
I have seen how her mother killed her, but I don’t want to taint the evidence against her for I want all evidence to hold up in trial. Clairvoyants do not seem credible witnesses in a jury room.
My Sympathies to her family.
To Caylee’s Grandparents, they are welcome to call me at home. Just email an email and put in the subject line “grandparents of Caylee,” then I will know to open it and call you back. And for mean hearted reporters, don’t try this trick on me. I am a true clairvoyant and you will not get past me and my source, FOR ONLY GOD gives the gifts to people on earth mentioned in I. Corinthians Chapter 12 through 20.

Also, I am reopening comments and trackbacks on all of the Caylee Anthony posts since folks seem to want to still comment on them and are now emailing me with them.
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    I was listening to Roger on the radio this morning, when I couldn’t believe my ears. Over 12,000 US Flags were thrown into garbage bags to be deposited in the nearest landfill! I guess I should not be surprised, but I am. There are proper ways to

  2. I believe this baby is gone…mom of course knows what happened…I think the whole family does and is obstructing justice… I have a family, I have a son and if I suspected him of wrongdoing I would report it–as much as it would hurt–I LOVE him so much–I could never let his child not see justice…this baby deserves a proper burial…My GOD she is out there with the wildlife,,, the water … she may be scattered all over the place–what about her spirit? she is lost…
    I feel for the family, I have had family members act like jerks and not care about the very peo[ple who cared for them while growing they betrayed them time and time again… some people are just –EVIL–THEY DON’T CARE AND NEVER WILL ….I do believe in a fair trial and would listen to all the evidence, and really try to be fair because there may be a small chance she did let someone take her for profit… but I just don’t think so.

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