This Week on America's Most Wanted

This week on America’s Most Wanted there are some real scumbags to take a look at as well as the spotlight on one of our heros, a police officer killed in the line of duty. Check it out…


Lamont Cooke: It was news AMW producers couldn’t wait to hear: Lamont Cooke, wanted for his alleged involvement in a murder over a drug exchange gone bad, has been captured. Police alerted AMW of the arrest on July 2, 2008, saying that a viewer’s tip led them straight to the accused killer’s hideout in Vernon, Conn. Now Philadelphia police hope AMW viewers can lead them to alleged accomplice Shawn Clarke and the identity of the other kidnappers.


New Mexico Prison Escapees: Eight prisoners escaped from a jail in southern New Mexico on Aug. 23, 2008, using homemade tools to cut a hole in the facility’s roof. Four men have been caught, but four other prisoners — including convicted murderer Edward Salas — are still at large, and a massive manhunt is underway to find them.


Mark Weinberger: All his life, Dr. Mark Weinberger believed he could do anything if he had enough power, money and resources. Unfortunately for him, the lies he told, the secrets he kept and the sacrifices he made along the way have come back to haunt him in a big way: the FBI needs your help to track down this narcissistic playboy before anyone else dies as a result of his negligence and deceit.


Amandeep Dhami: Sheriff’s deputies in Sacramento, Calif. are leading a nationwide manhunt for 24-year-old Amandeep Singh Dhami, who cops say opened fire in a crowded sports arena on August 31, 2008, killing 26-year-old Parmjit Singh and critically wounding another man. Dude’s got some serious hair too.


Jermaine Wilson: The NYPD says that on August 8, 2006, accused panderer Jermaine “Wimp the Pimp” Wilson killed his business partner — Benson Bethel — in an argument over, of all things, DMV fees for the minivan they used to transport their prostitutes around the city.

Derek Owens: Police Officer Derek Owens was shot while chasing after four suspects he and his partner spotted in an abandoned garage. Though his initial prognosis for survival was good, he died during surgery later that night.


Shawn Clarke: Accused kidnapper Lamont Cooke is behind bars, and the Philadelphia police have their sights set on his accomplice, Shawn Clarke. Cops say Shawn Clarke was one of a group of Jamaican men who conspired to kidnap and hold a business owner for ransom. Once Clarke and his cohorts had kidnapped the man, they allegedly demanded $600,000 from one of his relatives in exchange for his safe release. Cooke was arrested after a tipster saw his face on AMW.


Tormu Prall: Cops say Tormu Prall’s hot temper has resulted in arrest after arrest. Now, cops in Trenton, N.J. say Prall is in hot water over his latest rage, which led to the burning death of his brother and serious injury to his fiancée.

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