Missing: Hannah Upp

Updated September 9th 2008 4:30PM – Apparently there has been a confirmed sighting of Hannah Upp. Steve Huff has the details.

A major search effort by the friends of Hannah Emily Upp has been underway for the last few days. Up is a second year Spanish teacher at Thurgood Marshall Academy who lives in Harlem. She was last seen on Friday afternoon, August 29th at around 2:30PM by a friend in her apartment as she was leaving.
hannah_upp.jpgHannah has two roommates, Samantha Gallardo and fellow teacher Manny Ramirez got worried and hadn’t heard from her in two days. After having looked in Hannah’s bedroom and noticing that her purse, cell phone and ATM card were still there they contacted the police. She left her apartment in Manhattan’s Hamilton Heights Friday afternoon the 29th. I am curious as to whether she took her stuff with her on Friday afternoon and returned before disappearing or if she left it at home on Friday. It seems as if she left the apartment on her own volition on Friday afternoon that she would have at least taken her phone and ATM card and possibly her wallet as well. Unless I’m going out in the yard to work I always carry my ID and phone and usually have it with me even working around the house. I haven’t seen anyone else ask this question yet but it strikes a strange note with me.
Some of the Portland, Oregon native’s friends say that it was extremely unlikely that she would disappear under her own free will. Law Enforcement doesn’t currently have any leads but of course they fear the worst.

They do know that she went to a movie Friday in Times Square, allegedly by herself and told her friends that she would be spending the weekend with her mother in Philadelphia.

Hannah Emily Upp, 23, has been missing since Friday, August 29, from her residence in the vicinity of Hamilton Terrace, Harlem. Hannah is a New York City Public School teacher; she teaches middle school Spanish at Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change, at W. 135th and 7th Ave. A recent graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Class of 2007, majoring in Spanish and Comparative Literature, she is a New York City Teaching Fellow, working on her Master’s degree at Pace University and teaching full time. She completed her first year of teaching 2007-08, and was about to start her second year of teaching when she went missing.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact Detective Perez, 30th Precinct Detective Squad, at 212-690-8842, or 212-690-8843.

Friends of Hannah’s have a Facebook group up where they are leaving messages and notes of encouragement.
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