New Evidence in The Anthony Case?

Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Updated 8:00 PM (this is older stuff from September)
Apparently what police pulled out of the spare tire space in George Anthony’s car was a gun. That in itself is no big deal but the terms of Casey Anthony’s bail include having no weapons on the property. The judge in the case, Stan Strickland, did not rescind her bond because she most likely knew nothing about the gun.
Today’s search was much more attended that prior days. They have over 800 people come out and join Texas EquuSearch to look for Caylee Anthony near the Orlando International Airport today. TES said that now that the community seems aware that they are working directly with law enforcement more people seem willing to come out and help.

According to the Orlando Sentinel investigators went to the Anthony house last night (Friday/Saturday) and removed evidence from a vehicle owned by George Anthony. Sheriff’s deputies were seen removing the contents of the spare-wheel well and took at least one item with them. No idea what it was right now but I will update this as I have time.
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2 throughts on "New Evidence in The Anthony Case?"

  1. I, too, believe, they need to look again in the backyard of the grandparents home. The cadavar dogs hit there 2 times and I believe that I remember them taking soil samples. It has been long enough now that if she, Caylee, was buried there, that her body would be more decomposed and more of the gases coming thru the soil. I hope someone will get the word out to check that again, when you think about it all it is logical,after all the previous findings there. I say somone posted something about this already, so I am glad to see that someone else thinks the newer pavers in the backyard were a little giveaway that maybe the egg donner, lets not call her a mother, Casey, buried her in the grands backyard. I hope the good Lord deals with this horrible mother. And I hope the grandparents have to apologize to the entire public for taking up for their dear sweet daughter, who in my opinion is guilty as sin.
    God rest you sweet soul, little Caylee, and I hope justice is finally reached in this case.

  2. I feel the grandmother is part of this, when she called 911 she said it smells like a dead body in the car. I think this is when she was telling truth and later casey told her what happen to Caylee, Then she said it was a pizza. I also feel there is more than enough to charge Casey in this case why are we not? I would also like to know why grandma and grandpa are not out looking for Caylee if they think she is alive wouldnt you be looking and not just sitting at home doing nothing if you realy believed this. The whole family is crazy.
    I say we seek death for Casey in court see if that will get them moving. It is to easy on her right now it is a joke.
    Tammy Nichols

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