Search for Caylee Suspended

Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Texas EquuSearch has had to temporarily suspend it’s search for Caylee Anthony due to environmental conditions, mainly water left over from Hurricane Fay.

Texas EquuSearch suspended its search for missing 3-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony Sunday afternoon, saying that water that remains from Tropical Storm Fay is preventing them from clearing areas fully.
“We know where Caylee’s not at,” said Tim Miller, the group’s founder and director. Miller said the decision to suspend the search was difficult, but that the group will return when conditions are right. “If Caylee’s out there, we are going to find her.”
About 2,500 volunteers have come out since the group started organizing daily searches late last month. They have been combing through thick brush in areas near the Anthony family’s Lee Vista home, looking for the child. Caylee Marie has not been seen since mid-June. She was reported missing in July, and investigators say she is probably dead.

TES has cleared as many areas as they can right now but unfortunately there are so many areas still inundated with water that were dry when Caylee disappeared that they cannot finish the search right now. Scared Monkeys has spoken with Tim Miller and he confirmed that it’s just a temporary halt to the search.
Tim Miller did say that they would return and in addition to the local search TES is going to start a national campaign on Monday as well. If you are interested in volunteering you can call Texas EquuSearch at 866-473-1584

Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary is calling for people to end the protests that have been going on outside the Anthony home. Recently they have gotten very ugly and violent. People have been lining up outside the house every single night since Casey Anthony was released from jail this past week.
Beary says that the protests are taking away resources that could better be served looking for Caylee.

The Anthonys have also had security cameras installed around their house as well. A security company showed up yesterday and started installing the cameras, presumably for their protection.
This brings me to something I have been thinking about since I read David Lohr’s report the other day. If the Anthonys are having financial issues and not working, exactly how are they paying for the security system. Let me tell you folks, that stuff ain’t cheap. Perhaps it’s true that a book and movie are in the offing. I can tell you one damn thing and that’s that I won’t be buying.
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4 throughts on "Search for Caylee Suspended"

    Its like the one protestor who said,how can you not love her…………we love that little girl,we fell in love with Caylee,wheres your love!
    I’d give anything to be there with them..i really would,and usually i’d never even think of doing that….. But somebody needs to wake these dumbasses up!! and i root for the protestors!!
    cindy said we would all have to apologize,well where the hells her apology to the people who came to her when she asked for help???
    cindy wrote on her myspace,……..this little girl gave me unconditional love without strings,
    EXCUSE ME,but wheres her unconditional love for Caylee,
    Well uhhh Caylee i miss you and loved you but if your mom ever kills you i’ll have to love her unconditionally………not you!! Sorry!!!!!!!!

  2. I just don’t see that the protesters are doing anything but harm. I certainly get their feeling of involvement and wanting to do the right thing but protesting out front isn’t doing anything but harming the investigation. If they want to protest perhaps out in front of the sheriff’s office would be a better place.

  3. Yes i know but the anthonys arent there,i disagree with the violence but if i could protest i would,I’m sure their reason is the same as mine.
    I would do it in hopes of getting the gp’s to look at things from where we are,ya know……thats why i agree!!
    OMG have you seen this??
    Gale St. John a thief??

  4. All the protesting in the world isn’t going to change their view, only a dead body will do that unfortunately. The protesters just make the family circle the wagons. That’s a normal reaction when a group is threatened.
    Yeah, I have come across a couple of links about Gale. I mentioned it briefly yesterday or the day before and one of the guys that writes for a site that has been focusing on it sent me an email yesterday. Still not sure if I am going to post about it or not.

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