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October 7th, 2008 – I have an update on the main page. There have been three arrests in the murder of Erin Maxwell. Update is here.

I posted late last week about Erin Maxwell, the eleven year old girl that was found hung in her house. Since that time someone close to the situation has contacted me. Actually they contacted me a day or so ago but I needed to verify they were who they said they were first. Apparently the media and thus myself aren’t reporting everything about the situation.
Here’s part of the comment that Robb posted on the original entry yesterday:

Erin wasn’t as shy as they are saying. Talk to her teachers, who were at the wake. She was a straight A student, used to stop and say Hi to her principal every morning, was well liked and very outgoing with other students and the facilty of the school. Also, yes her step brother wa seen wearing a cape, feathered hat and a FAKE sword…but did they mention at any point that he WORKED AT THE STERLING RENASSAINCE FESTIVAL as a performer? No they failed to mention that one. Yes there were alot of animals, and I will not deny that the conditions were less than stellar. Im not going to pretend to have the answers to the questions of why, what and how. I am going to say that the media did a good job of telling half the facts. According to one investigator that I spoke to, they are investigating it as a homicide b/c most 11 year olds dont commit suicide. Plus the damn medical examiner went on vacation after he did the autopsy and wont be releasing it for a few weeks. Nice guy.. I’m not defending the family, it may have been homicide, it may not have been. But at least lets wait for all the info to come in before we crucify them. Since her step mom and dad werent home when it happened, lets wait until the M.E. report comes back before we decide what happened to her.. Oh and by the way.. the picture they used fro her in the paper and on TV is about the worst picture of her there is. She looked nothing like that. And I saw her fairly recently before the tragedy.

Prior to Robb posting his comment, Jim also commented on the same post about the guy possibly working at the ren fest. That would certainly explain the costume.
I did some checking and the Sterling Renaissance Festival took place from July 12th thru August 17th so he would have been going in to work in costume for over a month. I have a few friends that work the Georgia Ren Fest every year myself and most of them go to work in costume as well, as it’s a pain in the ass to try and get ready there.
Obviously it’s still unclear exactly what happened with Erin Maxwell and the stuff above doesn’t really clear anything up but it does give a slightly more rounded picture.

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  1. so he had a cover story for the freak show? great. How much practice does it take to wear a costume for a weekend, really?
    I’m not pleased with anyone defending the people Erin lived with. There was no love in that house for her. And it makes me sick. We are witnessing the tip of the iceberg. Check out some of the newer news stories.
    Who keeps kittens in the freezer? Really now?

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